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These rules also apply if you are taking an entrepreneurial stance within a much larger company (which all employees should do). I'm on the board of several private companies and one public company. But it’s a good discipline to really question if you need each and every hire.

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However, in this post I focus mostly on the issues that come up when you first start an actual company. Entrepreneurship is a sentence of failures punctuated by brief success. I've advised probably another 50 private companies. Keep sharp objects and pills away during your worst moments. If you are an entrepreneur and agree with me, please note this in the comments below. You’ll have to hire people to expand your business. NOBODY should spread the disease and badmouth you or your customers. If you ever have to sell your company, believe it or not, you are going to need his signature (because there’s going to be a new lease owner) DD) Only move offices if you are so packed in that employees are sharing desks and there’s no room for people to walk. There are no second chances because the disease is incurable. But if you've followed the rules above then you are treating employees well already. Either one will help you survive this world of increased economic uncertainty. Along the way I’ve compiled a list of rules that have helped me deal with every aspect of being an entrepreneur in business and some in life. If someone offers you ten million for a company that has no revenues, then sell it. And even the Google guys tried to sell their company for ONE MILLION DOLLARS to Yahoo before they were revenue positive. Write a blog about your industry and be very honest about all the flaws (even your own) that is currently in your industry.

The best distribution is of course word of mouth, which is why your initial pricing doesn’t matter.

Even introduce them to your competitors if you think a competitor can help them or if you think you are about to be fired.

Company history, personal history, marketing history, investing history, etc. If you are working 20 hours a day, then that means you have flaws in how you are managing your time.

Most books or “rules” for entrepreneurs talk about things like “think big”, “go after your dreams”.

It seems odd to include this in a post about entrepreneurship but we’re also taking about keeping it real. All of them will either leave you or replace you eventually.

Customers want to know how to keep their bosses calm.