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World title boxing champion Jeff Horn and his wife Jo have welcomed a baby girl into their lives.

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A daredevil skipper who trailed behind super yachts in his rubber dinghy during the Sydney to Hobart race broke down as he passed through the finish line.With New Year's celebrations just hours away, many homeowners are rushing to overhaul their homes and declutter for a refreshing start to 2018.And while many simply clean out Christmas leftovers or pop some washing on, one Australian organisation expert has shared one very simple 'hack' that is guaranteed to help people stay organised in 2018.A 'flabbergasted' police officer delivered a stern lecture to an irresponsible P-plater who was caught driving 215km/hr in rural Queensland, He will lose his license for six months and pay a $1,177 fine.Explosive recordings revealing Salim Mehajer's life away from his carefully curated social media presence have emerged, with a home video showing a man tell Mehajer he was a 'f***ing show pony' while another warns him 'the bikies might ring ya'.'Your mum's going to get f***ing raped today you f***ing dog,' Mehajer allegedly said to the employee.

The former Deputy Mayor of Auburn, who previously revealed ambitions to become Prime Minister, claims he took part in the videos willingly as part of an elaborate 'stunt'.

Eager spectators have secured their New Year's Eve spots up to 48 hours before the firework display on Sunday night.

Keen punters were spotted rushing to Mrs Macquarie's Chair on Sunday, some running barefoot to grab the best viewing area.

It caps off an extraordinarily good year for the couple.

Horn and Jo met when they were both students at Macgregor High School.

A second recording is of a phone call Mehajer (pictured bottom right with former member of the Muslim Brotherhood Movement Ahmed Zaoud ) made to apologise for unloading a torrent of abuse on a worker at Queen Street Customs car repairs in Sydney's southwest.