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Ron Gualtieri I am a 42 year old single white woman living in Florida and I totally embrace new technology.

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Its mild flavor allows it to blend well with other ...It seems like only yesterday when I had to wait for Wednesday's fliers to see what sales were on for the week, now?I fax in my order after reviewing the sale items and it is delivered to my doorstep for $9.00. J Smith, Dana Point , CA Yes without a doubt technology has extended my life. When I was 37 years old I needed a heart valve replacement.I ship online, buy online, mail online and send photos of my children online.I can do research at 10 stores online; have them hold packages until I get there etc.If it were not for the technology to replace heart valves, I would not have lived to see 40.

If I were born just 50 years earlier, the technology would not be there to save my life.

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I am now 48 years old and just had my homograph replaced with a mechanical valve.

I now need to be on blood thinner medication to avoid blood clots but I am still alive as a result of technology.

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