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Agent dating indy

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From grand openings to launch parties, your business will be sure to make a splash.But it’s not just the initial impact that you should focus on on creating.

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With 16-time Emmy award-winning visual storytellers your video production services will be supreme from start to finish.Thanks to the expertise and media relations ability of our team at Dittoe PR, we’ve been able to garner valuable publicity for a wide variety of charitable and culture-changing initiatives underway here at Direct Buy, giving us a voice to the marketplace.”"Dittoe has done a great job understanding our business and adjusting course throughout our relationship to meet the changing needs of our growing company.It’s the ripple effect that comes with having the right mix of influential journalists and attendees to drive results for your bottom line.It sounds contradictory, but one of the best ways to attract new business is to stop talking about your business. We help clients establish themselves as authorities in their space through byline articles sharing best practices and opinions, speaking engagements and expert interviews. If you don't already have a plan in place for handling a crisis of any magnitude, it may be time to create one.It goes without saying that Dittoe PR is first class, and they have done a phenomenal job for us.” “In the crowded consumer marketplace, it’s often difficult for brands to break through the noise and get noticed.

We believe that the art of Public Relations is an underserved area in today’s Marketing mix.

Instead of waiting for news to happen, your clients will make the news happen.

Sure, it's easier to have lightening strike when there's a big company announcement, but that's not always the case.

They have surpassed our expectations for media exposure on a local and national level and are consistently presenting new opportunities for us to expand our reach and influence."“Dittoe PR was instrumental in helping the 2012 BMW Championship break attendance records while setting a new standard for social media outreach.

The Dittoe team secured more than one billion media impressions surrounding the tournament and made the BMW Championship the most visible social media presence of the first three tournaments in the PGA TOUR Playoffs for the Fed Ex Cup.

They're helpful in finding new ways to spread the word about all of the exciting things that are happening at TCC.