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In addition, the enhanced notifications feature also enables you to take quick actions on the activity.

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Larger Display Available in User Interface Improve the usability of UI by optimizing the usage of vertical and horizontal space on the browser.Manage Account Hierarchy Relationships Subtab Steps to Enable No steps are required to enable this feature.Opportunities Optimized Search for Opportunities and Leads Improve opportunity and lead search performance by leveraging consolidated security conditions.Steps to Enable This feature, with the exception of vertical space optimization, is available on the Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers, by default.Enable the vertical space optimization feature with the ZCA_ADVANCED_RESPONSIVE_UI profile option.You can opt in to a feature in two ways: by using the New Features work area, or by using the Setup and Maintenance work area.

To opt in using the New Features work area: Update Tasks This section gives you information to help you plan, deploy, and validate your update.

We make frequent additions to this document, so don’t forget to check back and get the latest information before your update starts.

Use the following resource to prepare for, deploy, and validate your Oracle Engagement Cloud upgrade to Release 13: Core Sales Force Automation Ability to Drill Down and Act from Activity Notifications You can use Activity Notifications to drill down directly to an activity from the notification.

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Please send us your feedback at [email protected] Optional Uptake of New Features (Opt In) We continue to add many new features to the Oracle Cloud Applications, and for some features, you can take advantage of new functionality at a pace that suits you by “opting in” to the feature when you’re ready.

To enable this feature, do the following: NOTE: Internet Explorer browser does not support vertical space optimization.