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Are kelly and val dating on dancing with the stars

'With all the remaining competitors getting a fan favorite from previous seasons to help them in a trio dance, it was another star's strong chemistry with his returning competitor that helped him soar to the top of the leaderboard.Broadway star Jordan Fisher already had a perfect 30 for his first dance, a quickstep, when he was joined by season 17 runner-up Corbin Bleu — with the duo immediately bonding over how alike they were.'From career, to the look, to personality — it's like looking in a mirror,' Jordan said, insisting that Corbin had inspired him to take up acting and singing, recalling: 'I remember watching High School Musical and him coming on and going, ''Woah! ''As they rehearsed, Corbin said they needed to 'be the mirror image of each other' for the dance, smiling: 'As we are! 'Jordan again got a perfect score, with Bruno Tonioli gushing: 'This dance I think will go down in Dancing With The Stars history.'He added: 'That was phenomenal — it was two bodies responding with one soul to the music. I have no words,' she gushed, while Len told them: 'Normally they say two's company, three's a crowd.

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Terrell, 43, knew he would be in danger after his low scores last week, but pro partner Cheryl Burke told him: 'I don't think you deserve to be there.Terrell Owens was sent home from Dancing With The Stars on Monday but with a potential date to ease the pain.The 43-year-old former NFL great was the latest competitor sent home from the ABC dancing competition show after finishing at the bottom of the leaderboard last week.Act it more.'She got all 8s for the first dance, matching that same score for her trio with season 23 champion Laurie Hernandez.Their routine started with a video clip of Val and Olympic gymnast Laurie, 17, winning their season — and Victoria coming out from the audience in a matching dress.'It was good — not a gold medal performance, but you're definitely on the podium,' Len told the two Olympic stars.After Carrie Ann called him the 'Prince of Soul,' Drew nodded to Rashad — who he also called his 'swag coach' — and said: 'I had the guru of groove here helping me out.'Violinist Lindsey Stirling bounced back from last week where she was badly hurt with a rib injury, having admitted: 'I was in a lot of pain.

I felt like my spirit was broken, my willpower, my fight.''It's looking like you're all better now!

I hope she doesn't get distracted by how handsome I am.'Cheryl — who said she is good friends with Kelly — constantly threw sexual innuendos at them during rehearsals, telling Kelly 'you're throwing yourself at him, you've got to play hard to get' and teasing Terrell: 'One girl at a time, Terrell — don't you know how to do a threesome?

'Kelly then looked a Terrell, who had his shirt open for his routine, and gushed: 'That man is sculpted out of heaven.

' Tom told her as she finished her first dance, a samba with a circus theme.'I loved the creativity — it was so cutting edge and bizarre, it's like you brought out your inner Beyonce this week and let loose,' Carrie Ann told them as they got two 9s and an 8.

Joking that she was 'an awkward white girl,' Lindsey insisted: 'I had a pretty good time, I'm not gonna lie.

I can't wait to meet the fans and perform for them live." experience with a new tattoo!