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Overall the Thermae coffee shop / bar is one of the best and most unique places to meet Thai prostitutes in Bangkok, a must-see even if you’re not a sex tourist.

Often I’ll see a hot Thai girl but not want to take her there and then, so I’ll ask for her Line.Just walk past them and flag a cab down yourself, it’s a busy road so one should be along shortly (look for the red light in the windscreen that means available).Even if you do want to go to one of those free ride discos, flag down your own cab to stop these dishonest taxi cartels from getting the commission, let a more honest driver get it instead (they’ll find out when they arrive, if they don’t know already, that the journey is free).Girls think of Thermae as a safe place to earn money from time to time with a travelling businessman.The kind of girl that goes to Thermae isn’t going to stand on the street or want to be hit on in a smoky nightclub at 3am.‘, there’s no barfine, no overpriced drinks, no obligation to buy lady drinks…

you just walk in and pick up one of the waiting prostitutes, who line up in their normal clothes (many of them are ‘girl next door’ types who work day jobs).

They might only be there once a month, or hardly ever – and they’d rather no one found out.

No, since they aren’t employed there the girls at Thermae can turn down customers all night if they want. In the past most of the girls there only went with Koreans / Japanese etc., but since the economy and tourism has dropped a bit I notice they’re more receptive to farang nowadays.

Some Thai girls who like farang and usually work at places like Climax disco, might start the night off at Thermae hoping to get 2500 baht there and then 2000 Baht at the end of the night.

I’ve even seen some street walkers trying their luck early there, then after Thermae closes they stand outside and go for ~1500.

It’s similar to hooker bar LA Cafe in Manila, just hotter Thai girls and it gets busy a bit earlier.