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Asian web cam no creditcard

Asian web cam no creditcard-40

I saw the Website ftom my instagram and I decided to get the trainers, when I was trying to paid something when wrong and apparently they payment was cancelled.Now I receive the trainers but the wrong size and I am trying to contact them but there is not way to reach them, of course they took the money from my account plus I've been charge lately for some car insurance that I don't know where is coming from???????? BE CAREFUL BJ DZTERDA TECH - purchased $60 of vanilla with free shipping and was charged $82 through

I had the card company block any further charges from that company. La página tiene dominio Español, por eso pensé que compraba en España. I got a call from my tsb bank fraud department today as I allowed my daughter to order some trainers in the sale (half the original price).I have tried to get onto Basketball Malls website but it is closed down and am unable to contact Ounce Limited. Charge on my credit card for $31.67AUD from BJ Dzterda???The currency conversion from Australian dollars to USA $ was incorrect (overcharged) and all I am left with is an illegal copy of a jersey and no return/complaints option. Have contacted my bank and they have cancelled my credit card and issuing me with a new one.After I seen this I sent an email through that web sight to confirm order received no response. I got the Post Office to return to sender one months ago but never got a refund.Called bank cancelled my card and filed a fraudualnt dispute I get these charges of $143 every month & then a parcel with face cream. No company address or name where it's coming from... On 11/19/17 I made a purchase through for a Pandora bracelet. I ordered some Fingerlings for Christmas, didn't realize it was a scam. It posted to my bank on 12-9-17 and I am filing a dispute with my bank as well. the company was CTBILL *SUNHEALTHCARE 00001 A $1.00 charge showed up on my bank account with Prime Video WA and this number: (888)802-3080.Www.pague y sorpresa al ver que habían hecho un cambio de moneda aumentando el precio de lo que había comprado. The bank told me it is a company in China that make it look like a UK site and the goods are fake goods when they arrive.

Me puse en contacto con el vendedor para anular pedido y no me contesta. They also tried to take an extra transaction on top of the purchase price that wasn’t mentioned in any transaction I got a call from my tsb bank fraud department today as I allowed my daughter to order some trainers in the sale (half the original price).

Description on bill: GZSEADEN TRADE GUIZHOUSHENGCN(FOREIGN AMOUNT YUAN RENMINBI 845.64GZSEADEN TRADE)I have called Citibank to inform them and shared with them about this community here, who shared the same plight I have an invoice for $5.89 for a watch from Meyerwatch but the charge on my credit card says Maxactin*meyerwatch 844-7402975 Fl is for $.98.41 This is a pretty big discrepancy I do not have a number to call to resolve this.

The reference number / invoice number is 2455930ABS66GLPW9 I had the same issue, ZIMAOTONG charged me on the 28th of November a pair of vans trainer...

Contacted customer service online (no phone number) and they responded by asking if I could keep purchase and they would refund 15%.

I responded by questioning there 90 day return policy.

They did answer and said I would need to return items to their warehouse in Asia.