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Aspx gridview updating

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UI virtualization is the most important improvement you can make.This means that UI elements representing the items are created on demand.

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For smooth panning/scrolling, it's vital that the UI thread do an efficient and smart job of instantiating, data-binding, and laying out items.When an items control is first shown, all the elements needed to render a viewport full of items are created.Also, as items approach the viewport, the framework updates the UI elements in cached item templates with the bound data objects.Note For more details, see the //build/ session Dramatically Increase Performance when Users Interact with Large Amounts of Data in Grid View and List View.Improve List View and Grid View performance and startup time through UI virtualization, element reduction, and progressive updating of items.Sessions contains a date Time field that I want to minimize to just display the date (month/day/year).

From what I've read through google searches, the solution is to specify the formatting in the aspx markup of the gridview using something like: I prefer to have all code in the codebehind and nothing in the aspx page but you could also imbed it there as well.

Additionally, the following List View events are raised only when using an Items Wrap Grid or an Items Stack Panel: Choosing Group Header Container, Choosing Item Container, and Container Content Changing.

The concept of a viewport is critical to UI virtualization because the framework must create the elements that are likely to be shown.

Some panels allow child elements unlimited space, examples being Scroll Viewer and a Grid, with auto-sized rows or columns.

When a virtualized Items Control is placed in a panel like that, it takes enough room to display all of its items, which defeats virtualization.

I want to pass the datakeyname "player ID" with the hyperlinkfield to the individual Player page.