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Western capitalist nations, over the past several centuries, have attempted to re-organize the world to reflect their understanding of reality.Although we often fail to recognize it, this requires a far-reaching reorganization of people's lives in non-Western countries.

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And, what impact does this attempt to reorganize the world have on people living in non-Western regions?This will enable us to get capitalism into contextual perspective.With questions of the nature of primary and secondary ideology dealt with in Chapter 2, in chapter 3 we launch into an explanation and history of the emergence of capitalism in western Europe.By Bill Geddes Revised: 29 December 2017 List of Updates (Provides clickable list of annotated update dates) Download latest version (Check for latest Version Date here):(Zipped HTML Version; Zipped EPUB Version; Zipped MOBI Version; Zipped PDF Version) (How to unzip a file in a Windows/i OS/Android/Kindle system)(Unzipped PDF Version) This is an evolving EBook - updated regularly to reflect recent developments in our understanding of capitalism and its exponentially growing impact on the social and natural environments which have sustained humanity through the past 10,000 years.Minor revisions/additions occur regularly as new relevant studies appear and are integrated into the text - often as footnotes.Most importantly, it was the century when capitalism gained its evangelical fervor as millions of people, threatened with economic and social ruin, became 'born-again' Christians, the 'moral majority' of Western communities.

This was the century in which they would take responsibility for transforming the rest of the world to live by the reality they now lived in - starting with their own, home grown 'savages'.

People living by capitalist understandings of the world have, over the past four centuries, felt driven to compel those who do not think and live as they do, to change.

They have committed their lives to a refashioned world, to a capitalist world.

It's time we, living in capitalist countries, got ourselves into perspective.

Over the past three centuries, people living in Western (capitalist) countries have increasingly imposed their understanding of reality on others.

We pose and attempt to answer the question: century; the century when, in western European thought, 'the economy' became clearly differentiated from 'the social', a distinct environment with its own laws and interests.