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Best and worst cities for online dating

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And quality of life, including a lack of inclusiveness — not to mention a lack of health insurance — could be a problem.

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Multitasking doesn't factor into our analysis, however. But the Lone Star State offers a host of advantages should Amazon decide to locate there.In September he vowed to sign a bill into law before he leaves office in January.Governor-elect Phil Murphy, who takes office on Jan.North Carolina repealed the most controversial parts of its so-called bathroom bill, but it still lacks statewide protections against discrimination and expressly bars them at the local level. Its workforce is abundant and well educated, and its transportation infrastructure is top-notch.One possible location in metropolitan Atlanta is suburban Stonecrest, where Mayor Jason Lary has offered to hand over 345 acres to Amazon, rename it "Amazon, Georgia," and install the company's founder as chief executive.Meanwhile, "You've got all these politicians out there who feel like they've got to be active on jobs." Some of the boldest proposals have come from places that are struggling the most financially. Chris Christie has offered $7 billion in incentives for Amazon to build the facility in Newark, even though the state faces more than $60 billion in unfunded pension obligations.

Christie says he has a bipartisan agreement in the legislature to raise the cap on tax subsidies, allowing New Jersey to pay Amazon as much as $10,000 for every job it creates.

They include: The three largest metropolitan areas in the Tar Heel State, each submitting bids, benefit from a state with one of the best workforces in the country and a heritage of innovation dating back to the Wright Brothers. The Irish online betting site Paddy Power lists Atlanta as the odds-on favorite to win HQ2.

Counting against the state is a lack of mass transportation and a nagging lack of inclusiveness. Beyond that, Georgia boasts the best economy in the nation, according to our rankings.

He says Amazon has structured the competition to elicit the maximum response — and the greatest possible range of incentive offers.

"They brilliantly crafted a document that everybody can read as they wish, to convince themselves that they should apply," he said.

A Moody's Analytics study in September listed Austin as the most likely winner of HQ2.