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Best dating method for pottery

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Meanwhile, in Japan, ceramics began with Jomon Pottery (from 14,500 BCE).For more details of chronology, please see: Pottery Timeline.

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After this comes the Yuchanyan Cave Pottery from Hunan Province (16,000 BCE), followed by Vela Spila Pottery from Croatia (15,500 BCE) and Amur River Basin Pottery (14,300 BCE).Other sophisticated forms appeared in Islamic art, made by Middle Eastern ceramicists, who invented tin-glaze in the 9th century CE.In the East, the most outstanding fine art ceramics were first produced in China, where significant advances were achieved in the composition, glazing and decoration of clay objects.(For other East Asian Celadon, see also: Korean Art.) For a guide to the aesthetic principles behind Oriental pottery and other arts, see: Traditional Chinese Art: Characteristics.For the evolution of pottery and porcelain in China, see: Chinese Art Timeline (18,000 BCE-present).Raw kaolin is a white powder which like other clays becomes plastic when mixed with water.

The absence of any iron or alkali compounds in the chemical make-up of kaolin (kaolinite) makes it ideal for whiteware or porcelain, when mixed with approx equal parts of feldspar and silica, plus a smaller amount of ball clay.

(See also decorative art and applied art.) Clay is a fine-grained mineral or rock, encompassing ceramic clays, mudstones, clay shales, glacial clays and deep-sea clays.

In its natural state, clay typically contains a combination of other material, notably quartz.

In comparison, the earliest ancient pottery - allegedly found in China - are believed to date from approximately 30,000 BCE.

However, no date has yet been scientifically established for these discoveries.

Known in England as Dresden porcelain and, in France, as porcelaine de Saxe (Saxony), Meissen porcelain was the first true version of the Chinese type produced in Europe.