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Billy miller young restless dating

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While Tyler and Mariah were living in Portland, Mariah stole from Tyler's wealthy boss, who blamed Tyler.Mariah slept with the man so that he wouldn't press charges.

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Mariah text Tyler and he went to see her in Portland.As proof, Nick brought Mariah to the house to show Sharon she wasn't crazy.After cutting Victor of of his life and ordering in to leave, Nick told Mariah Sharon was going to press charges, but Sharon shocked Nick and Mariah by saying she couldn't hate someone who looked like Cassie.Mariah left the room after secretly slipping her bracelet under Abby's bed.Abby ran into Mariah and was horrified when she saw that she was the Cassie look-alike that had terrorized Sharon.Mariah grew up to resent Helen and adored Ian like a father.

Eventually, Mariah left The Path and became engaged to Tyler Michaelson.

Nurse Helen Copeland was a member of the Path, led by Ian Ward.

Helen delivered Sharon Collins' twin daughters, and stole one of them on Ian's orders.

Victor showed up Mariah's hotel room and threatened her into staying away from Nick.

Scared, Mariah called Ian and was shocked to learn that he was in Genoa City as well.

She first appeared onscreen posing as Cassie's "ghost" and wasn't revealed as Mariah for a few months.