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The owner of this blog is a concerned woman who wants the public to know about the real customer service and warranty of La-Z-Boy Furniture. The content within is my own OPINION about how my last and FINAL purchase was handled by La-Z-Boy Furniture.Whenever you enter any La-Z-Boy store, you are immediately approached by an eager salesperson who is anxious to tell you about their customer service and "lifetime warranty" of their furniture.

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October 22, 2005 – Talked with one of the salesperson.She said they had not received any new fabrics, but she would call me when they came in.April 1, 2006 - Went in to La-Z-Boy to return fabrics and to see if new ones were in.The delivery men came out to the house and delivered the new seat cover and showed me the email he received from La-Z-Boy.April 6, 2005 – I asked a friend to go with me to La-Z-Boy to discuss this matter. She was on vacation, but would call me on April 25th. May 31, 2005 – I called La-Z-Boy and talked with a different salesperson. June 7, 2005 – Talked with the salesperson a La-Z-Boy. I took fabrics home to see which would go best with my décor.She said she talked with the CEO and she would call me when the new fabrics came in.

December 2, 2005 – Went in to the sotre to check if fabrics had come in. January 6, 2006 – Went in to store again to see if fabrics were in.

He told me the other salesperson had a list of fabrics for me to look at. I told him they were the same fabrics I had at home. A different salesperson came over and asked if I would be interested in a micro fiber.

I told him no, because I didn’t like the velvet nap to the fabric. I asked if I could take that sample home to see if that color red matched the rest of my décor.

I decided I would go with the micro fiber if they still didn’t have anything new to show me.

The salesperson said he thought I was going to keep the sofa I had and that he would not allow me to order another sofa. He came from behind the counter and said he was not about to let me order another sofa.

Prior to my last purchase I would have given them a glowing recommendation.