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Boise speed dating events

Who knows, you may just find a passion for telling stories through video!

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All ages with parent."A breakdown of basic choreography and hip hop's most iconic grooves, this movement experience will have you leaving with an arsenal of dance moves.Of course, carpooling and bicycling are always encouraged!As some of you know, we got some insane press for this event two years ago–we were featured in the NY Times, the Huffington Post, the Tonight Show, Morning Edition on NPR, and a bunch of other outlets…who would have thought this little thing in podunk Boise, Idaho would turn into such a big deal, especially when we weren’t even the ones to think it up!?Here at JUMP, we offer a wide variety of programs and classes designed to spark creativity, engage with our community, and inspire people to try something new. Learning Video Production is designed to give students exposure to camera, audio, lighting and editing fundamentals.We will explore various camera types from your camera phone to a Go Pro to a cinema camera and how the fundamentals of filming can be applied to any situation.Who knows, you may just find a passion for telling stories through video! And how do you tell one that makes people hang on to every word?

Learn the basics of true, live storytelling with  Story Story Night.

Everyone will benefit from the Brain Dance and enjoy a balance of structured dance games and opportunities for free and expressive movement. *Registration is per child."Come in and get cozy with Flavorful Fairytales!

We'll start by reading the short story "The Snowy Day," followed by a hands-on activity where participants will create a keepsake snowflake.

Made by our friends Bob Vestal at Star Garnet Media and Brandon Follett at Earthworm Envy!

A: Show up by pm, ready to weed with an open mind. There’s no upper age limit, and if enough folks show up, we can split off into groups who’d roughly like to meet folks in certain age groups (I.e.

A little note on parking at the new farm: We’re sharing space now with Draggin’ Wing Farm, which is a GORGEOUS place, with a challenging parking situation.