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Breastfeeding hook up

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But it’s simply reality that the majority of feeding duty will fall on the milk maid’s shoulders when only one parent has those magic milk producers.

Campoamor's is one of several unique situations moms face, when breastfeeding for a year isn't best.In some cases, needed resources and help aren't available or affordable.In others, like those who have HIV, breastfeeding isn't recommended for a baby's health.Still, many moms who hear "breast is best" have intentions of breastfeeding for a year or longer. It's awkward, painful and hard to know if baby is getting enough milk.Helping a baby latch properly is about as easy as grabbing a stuffed animal in a claw arcade game.Many late nights will be spent with just your baby in your rocking chair, or even worse: just you with the rhythmic whirl of the breast pump.

It seems a little unfair that such an important part of parenting the new baby can’t always be split perfectly 50/50.

Breast milk has many proven benefits, including improved immunity and lower risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Some studies even show breastfeeding improves a child's cognitive function, but that's up for debate.

While moms are breastfeeding, they aren’t keeping it up.

About 81% of moms across the nation reported breastfeeding at some point, CDC data shows, but that number drastically decreases to about 22% when looking at exclusive breastfeeding for six months, recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Breastfeeding at one year is about 31% in the 2013 data.