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Brody dating whitney

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“I really loved Laguna and had such a great experience,” she recalls to Us. It was time to get a job, so I was like, Yes, this!

WHITNEY PORT: I didn’t know it was Lauren Conrad’s spinoff show until I showed up for my interview and she walked in. HEIDI MONTAG: Audrina just swam up to us [at the apartment complex], and I was like, “What is this girl doing in our shot?I had to talk to the producers and tell them, “I’m either going to have to stop or you guys have to help me out.” In the beginning, the show was about four girls who were friends.Once we all started bringing guys into the picture, that’s when things got sticky. ” Then they were very upset with me for not going to Paris — they were ready to fly a whole crew.Lauren and I talked, even though we were separated.I was like, “Did you put a camera in the bedroom that I didn’t know about? But it wasn’t a rumor, because a rumor implies that something is not true.As Conrad dealt with the sex tape fallout, Patridge reconnected with an old pal, Harley-loving hairstylist Justin “Bobby” Brescia.

Explains Patridge of his infamous double moniker: “I was like, ‘His name is Justin, but if he’s going to film, he wants to be known as Bobby.’ Lauren and Lo were like, ‘What, Justin Bobby?

Season 2 brought fresh love interests for Conrad (hello, Brody Jenner! native Spencer Pratt — but his wandering eye (and seeming interest in Patridge) concerned Conrad. I remember that birthday at Les Deux, like, wow, I thought she was a nice person and now I see her true colors. When she and Brody stopped dating, she started giving me a hard time for not being around for her every night.

) and her roommate, and a new mutual friend, Frankie Delgado. As the pals argued over Pratt, their friendship suffered. I had picked up that she and Heidi weren’t on the best terms, and Heidi and I had already gotten together and broken up the summer before that. AP: The producers were using me to try to start drama with Heidi and Spencer. She wanted her world back, and I was falling in love.

She believed Pratt and Montag were behind the attack on her reputation, leading her to confront her ex-BFF outside L. club Les Deux and utter those five words: “You know what you did.” LC: To me, those were the best scenes — the really real ones.

We’re not, you know, sitting in a cute café discussing who said what the night before.

LAUREN CONRAD: Whitney was applying for the internship at the same time as me.