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Building dating from the beginning of

building dating from the beginning of-7

the line extension) should be prepared [at the approach of] the day of the Feast of the New Moon, to extend the measuring-line upon this monument.In the year 24, second month of the second season, the last day (of the month), on the day of the tenth feast of Amon in ........... After this, I proceeded [after] (my) father, Amon; the god proceeded at his going to celebrate this his beautiful feast.

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These pillar capitals, destined for a temple at Denderah being built by Cleopatra, were sketched with red ochre on the rock face in half the natural size.This generally had to happen during inundation, as moving heavy loads on boats was much easier than dragging them on sledges and one could go farther by boat when the Nile was covering large tracts of land.I travelled north with them to the pyramid "Mernere-appears-splendor" in 6 barges,3 tow-boats of 8 ribs in a single expedition on no occasion had Ibhat and Yebu been done in a single expedition under the time of any king.Indeed, I made a saving for the Palace with all these 5 canals.The construction itself took place during the dry season in some places as flooding occasionally occurred.His majesty sent (me) in order to dig 5 canals in Upper Egypt and in order to build 3 barges and 4 tow-boats of acacia wood of Wawat the rulers of the Medja hills Irtjet, Wawat, Yam, Medja were cutting the wood for them.

(I) did it entirely in one year, floated and loaded with very large granite (blocks) for the pyramid 'Mernere-appears-in-splendor'.

Most of the ancient Egyptian buildings have disappeared leaving no trace.

Built of sun baked bricks made of Nile mud and straw, houses, palaces and city walls crumbled when they stopped being looked after.

Everything that his majesty commanded, happened, entirely as his majesty commanded.

His majesty sent me to Hatnub in order to bring a great altar of Hatnub alabaster.

Another indication of very careful and elaborate planning on the ground is in the topmost space over the King's Chamber; there the roofing-beams were numbered, and marked for the north or south sides; and though it might be thought that it could be of no consequence in what order they were placed, yet all their details were evidently schemed before they were delivered to the builders' hands.