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Bradley 53631 [Subtitle: The Story of its Ruins and People] The life and letters of Ogier Ghiselin de Busbecq, Vol. Mathews 53607 [Subtitle: or, The Motor Boys' Runabout No. 4 of 9, by Thomas Jefferson 53603 [Subtitle: Being His Autobiography, Correspondence, Reports, Messages, Addresses and Other Writings, Official and Private] Brave and Bold Weekly, No. Mathews 53602 [Subtitle: or, The Mission of the Motor Boys] The Academic Gregories, by Agnes Grainger Stewart 53601 [Illustrator: Joseph Brown] Breton Folk, by Henry Blackburn 53600 [Subtitle: An artistic tour in Brittany] [Illustrator: Randolph Caldecott] L'extraordinaire aventure d'Achmet Pacha Djemaleddine, pirate, 53599 amiral, grand d'Espagne et marquis, by Claude Farrère [Subtitle: avec six autres singulières histoires] [Language: French] The Shield of Love, by B. Farjeon 53598 Narrative of Travels in Europe, Asia, and Africa in the 53597 Seventeenth Century, Vol. Charlotte Maria Tucker] The Princess Tarakanova, by G. Danilevski 53580 [Subtitle: A Dark Chapter of Russian History] The Wisdom of Fools, by Margaret Deland 53579 The Mausoleum at Halicarnassus Restored in Conformity With 53578 the Recently Discovered Remains, by James Fergusson The Saturday Magazine, No. Lynch 53568 [Subtitle: Travels and Studies] Winefred, by Sabine Baring-Gould 53567 [Subtitle: A Story of the Chalk Cliffs] [Illustrator: Edgar Bundy] The Fate of a Crown, by Schuyler Stanton 53566 [Author a.k.a. Frank Baum] The Cumulative Book Review Digest, Vol. George Calver, by George Calver [Subtitle: with Directions for Silvering, Adjusting, &c.] Die Philosophie der Freiheit, by Rudolf Steiner 53493 [Subtitle: Grundzüge einer modernen Weltanschauung] [Language: German] In Extremis, by Melati van Java 53492 [Language: Dutch] Famous Fights of Indian Native Regiments, by Reginald Hodder 53491 William Shakespeare, by Victor Hugo 53490 The Life of Lazarillo de Tormes, by Anonymous 53489 [Subtitle: His Fortunes & Adversities; with a Notice of the Mendoza Family, a Short Life of the Author, Don Diego Hurtado De Mendoza, a Notice of the Work, and Some Remarks on the Character of Lazarillo de Tormes] Statement of Facts, on the Injurious Treatment of J. Beatty 53477 Het Yellowstone-Park, by Hugo De Vries 53476 [Language: Dutch] The End of the Middle Ages, by A. Garis 53460 [Subtitle: A Young Millionaire and The Kidnappers] Deutsche Humoristen (7.

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2 of 2, by Nathan Drake 53626 [Subtitle: Including the Biography of the Poet; criticisms on his genius and writings; a new chronology of his plays; a disquisition on the on the object of his sonnets; and a history of the manners, customs, and amusements, superstitions, poetry, and elegant literature of his age] Shakspeare and His Times, Vol. Macdonald Oxley 53560 [Subtitle: A Story of 1756] [Illustrator: F. Devitt] The Courtships of Queen Elizabeth, by Martin Andrew Sharp Hume 53559 [Subtitle: A history of the various negotiations for her marriage] The Duchess of Rosemary Lane, by B. Farjeon 53558 [Subtitle: A Novel] The Gold-Headed Cane, by William Macmichael 53557 Kuolema, by Maurice Maeterlinck 53556 [Language: Finnish] Kertomuksia II, by Maksim Gorky 53555 [Language: Finnish] Kertomuksia I, by Maksim Gorky 53554 [Language: Finnish] Der Sachsenspiegel, by Julius Wolff 53553 [Subtitle: Eine Geschichte aus der Hohenstaufenzeit] [Illustrator: F. 1 of 3, by William Pitt Scargill 53455 Kaarle XII:n historia, by Voltaire 53454 [Language: Finnish] Instincts of the Herd in Peace and War, by Wilfred Trotter 53453 The History of the Life and Death of Sultan Solyman the Magnificent, 53452 by T.Band: Von den Anfängen bis zum Wiederaufleben der Wissenschaften] [Language: German] The Girl's Own Paper, Vol. 994, January 14, 1899, by Various 53427 ~ ~ ~ ~ Posting Dates for the below e Books: to ~ ~ ~ ~ TITLE and AUTHOR ETEXT NO. Preston 53426 [Subtitle: A Patriotic Exercise] The Dearest Things in Boots, by Edna I.Mac Kenzie 53425 The Life of Robert, Lord Clive, Vol. Comte et aux autres novateurs modernes] [Language: French] Historical Record of the Eighteenth or The Royal Irish Regiment 53308 of Foot: From Its Formation in 1684 to 1848, by Richard Cannon A Birder's Guide to North Dakota, by Kevin J. May to October, 1913] Historical Characters, by Henry Lytton Earle Bulwer 53285 [Subtitle: Mackintosh, Talleyrand, Canning, Corbett, Peel] No Posting 53284 Die große Stille, by Heinrich Lilienfein 53283 [Language: German] Kuningastarinoita, by Snorri Sturluson 53282 [Language: Finnish] The Child of the Moat, by Ian B.- Required or Equivalent Experience: - MLS from an ALA accredited program - Five years library experience - Two years supervisory experience - Telecommuting is preferred - Position may require day, evening and weekend hours - Salary DOE * Join Distributed Proofreaders Visit net to learn about how to help create some of Project Gutenberg's forthcoming e Books! Butler 53534 [Subtitle: An Autobiographical Memoir] Motor Matt's Double Trouble, by Stanley R.Proofreading a page a day is easy, fun, and a great way to help bring literature to the world. Matthews 53533 [Subtitle: or, The Last of the Hoodoo] What the White Race May Learn from the Indian, by George Wharton James 53532 Fire-making Apparatus, by Walter Hough 53531 Goat Alley, by Earnest Howard Culbertson 53530 [Subtitle: A Tragedy of Negro Life] Thais, by Anatole France 53529 [Language: Finnish] Keikari sekä muita kertomuksia, by August Strindberg 53528 [Language: Finnish] Existence and Attributes of God, Vols.] Documentos para la historia del virreinato del Rio de 53421 la Plata, tomo 1, by Universidad de Buenos Aires [Language: Spanish] Frank Nelson in the Forecastle, by Harry Castlemon 53420 [Subtitle: Or, The Sportman's Club Among the Whalers] Twenty-Five Ghost Stories, by W. Comte et aux autres novateurs modernes] [Language: French] La femme affranchie, Vol. Wrenn] Nimensä pilannut kaupunki, by Mark Twain 53301 [Language: Finnish] Nature's Teachings, by J. Wood 53300 [Subtitle: Human Invention Anticipated by Nature] A Christmas Hamper, by Various 53299 [Subtitle: A Volume of Pictures and Stories for Little Folks] Taking the Census, by Elizabeth F. 1 of 3, by William Hone 53275 [Subtitle: or Everlasting Calendar of Popular Amusements, etc, etc] Lain varjolla, by Väinö Kataja 53274 [Subtitle: Romaani Perä-Pohjolasta] [Language: Finnish] Famous Assassinations of History, by Francis Johnson 53273 Säätynsä uhri, by Edith Wharton 53272 [Language: Finnish] The Brighton Boys at Chateau-Thierry, by James R. Ludovici 53260 [Subtitle: His Life and Works] Horton Genealogy, by Various 53259 [Subtitle: or Chronicles of the Descendants of Barnabas Horton, of Southold, L. Edmonds] Ancient Streets and Homesteads of England, by Alfred Rimmer 53230 Aenigmata Fennica, by Various 53229 [Subtitle: Suomalaiset Arwotuxet Wastauksien kansa] [Language: Finnish] Eclectic Magazine of Foreign Literature, Science, 53228 and Art, February, 1885, by Various The American Missionary, Vol. 06, June, 1878, by Various 53227 Oscar Wilde, a study, by André Gide 53226 A Society Clown, by George Grossmith 53225 Basil and Annette, by B. Farjeon 53224 [Subtitle: A Novel] Leopardi, by Federico De Roberto 53223 [Language: Italian] Royal Railways with Uniform Rates, by Whately C. Hoffmann 53215 [Subtitle: Satu] [Language: Finnish] The Mystery of the Fifteen Sounds, by Van Powell 53214 Marjorie Dean, Marvelous Manager, by Pauline Lester 53213 Eclectic Magazine of Foreign Literature, Science, and Art, by Various 53212 Kolme ystävystä II, by Maksim Gorki 53211 [Language: Finnish] Canterbury, by W. Biscombe Gardner] Kolme ystävystä I-II, by Maksim Gorki 53209 [Language: Finnish] Momenti, by Sibilla Aleramo 53208 [Subtitle: Liriche] [Language: Italian] Dramas, by William Shakespeare 53207 [Subtitle: El Mercader de Venecia, Macbeth, Romeo y Julieta, Otelo] [Language: Spanish] Selections from Modern Poets, by Various 53206 [Subtitle: Made by J. Squire - Sassoon, Joyce, Graves...] Letters from Switzerland and Travels in Italy, 53205 by Johan Wolfgang, von Goethe [Subtitle: Truth and Poetry: from my own Life] Incaland, by Claude Hazeltine Wetmore 53204 [Subtitle: A Story of Adventure in the Interior of Peru and the Closing Chapters of the War with Chile] [Illustrator: H.

Bob Holland 53419 A Summer On The Borders Of The Caribbean Sea, by J. Harris 53418 The French Army From Within, by Anonymous 53417 Only a Girl's Love, by Charles Garvice 53416 Poems You Ought to Know, by Elia W. Barbauld 53323 [Subtitle: The Juvenile Budget Opened] [Illustrator: Engravings after Harvey and Chapman, by Adams] Reisen in den Philippinen, by Andreas Fedor Jagor 53322 [Language: German] Le Satyricon, by Petronius Arbiter 53321 [Author a.k.a. Guptill 53298 [Subtitle: A Farce] Harper's Young People, February 14, 1882, by Various 53297 [Subtitle: An Illustrated Weekly] A Fair Jewess, by B. Farjeon 53296 Primitive & Mediaeval Japanese Texts, by Various 53295 [Subtitle: Transliterated into Roman with introductions, notes and glossaries] Recuerdos Del Tiempo Viejo, by José Zorrilla 53294 [Language: Spanish] Pidot, by Platon 53293 [Subtitle: (Symposion)] [Language: Finnish] Sagenbuch des Erzgebirges, by Johann August Ernst Köhler 53292 [Language: German] Huone; Timon, by Lukianos 53291 [Language: Finnish] Engravings of Lions, Tigers, Panthers, Leopards, Dogs, &c., 53290 by Thomas Landseer [Illustrator: Edwin Henry Landseer] The Restless Sex, by Robert W. Driscoll 53271 The Pilgrim Story, by William Franklin Atgood 53270 [Subtitle: Being largely a compilation from the documents of Governor Bradford and Governor Winslow, severally and in collaboration; together with a list of Mayflower passengers] [Illustrator: Leo Schreiber] Atom Mystery, by Charles Ira Coombs 53269 [Subtitle: [Young Atom Detective]] [Illustrator: G. I., 1640] Kolme kertomusta, by Maksim Gorky 53258 [Language: Finnish] Etsivä Samuel, by Upton Sinclair 53257 [Language: Finnish] The Room with the Little Door, by Roland Burnham Molineux 53256 Harper's Round Table, February 11, 1896, by Various 53255 A plain and literal translation of the Arabian nights entertainments, 53254 now entituled The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night, Vol. Burton Leonna, by Charlotta Falkman 53253 [Subtitle: En skildring ur lifvet] [Language: Swedish] The Boy Apprenticed to an Enchanter, by Padraic Colum 53252 [Illustrator: Dugald Stuart Walker] The Lusitania's Last Voyage, by Charles Lauriat 53251 The Golden Age, by Kenneth Grahame 53250 [Illustrator: R. Arnold 53222 [Subtitle: A proposal for amalgamation of Railways with the General Post Office and adoption of uniform fares and rates for any distance] Lemmentarina, by Ivan Turgenev 53221 [Language: Finnish] The House of Cariboo and Other Tales from Arcadia, by A. Graef] The History of Bread From Pre-historic to Modern Times, by John Ashton 53219 Cölestine, oder der eheliche Verdacht; Zweiter Theil (von 2), 53218 by Julian Chownitz [Language: German] Cölestine, oder der eheliche Verdacht; Erster Theil (von 2), 53217 by Julian Chownitz [Language: German] An Essay on the Incubus, or Night-mare, by John Bond 53216 Kiusanhenki, by E. Burgess] Complete Treatise on the mare and foal at the time of delivery, 53203 with illustrations, by Conrad Mitchell [Subtitle: Also on cows and calves, with stallion and mare, when diseased by Gonorrhea (clap) or Pox, also Diarrhea and Costiveness in Colts] A Mechanical Account of Poisons in Several Essays, by Richard Mead 53202 Jumalallista ja inhimillistä, by Graf Leo Tolstoy 53201 [Subtitle: eli vielä kolme kuolemaa] [Language: Finnish] The Camp Fire Girls by the Blue Lagoon, by Margaret Vandercook 53200 Practical Points in Anesthesia, by Frederick-Emil Neef 53199 Penny Allen and the Mystery of the Hidden Treasure, 53198 by Jean Lyttleton Mc Kechnie Cynthia Steps Out, by Erick Berry 53197 Annabel, by Suzanne Metcalf 53196 [Subtitle: A Novel for Young Folks] [Illustrator: H.

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Gabrielle Margaret Vere Long] Jean Cabot at Ashton, by Gertrude Fisher Scott 53548 [Illustrator: Arthur O. 2, by Juan Valera 53436 [Language: Spanish] At Minas Basin and Other Poems, by Theodore H.

Rand 53435 Film Truth; November, 1920, by Anonymous 53434 West Virginia Trees, by A. Brooks 53433 Flowers of the Southwest Deserts, by Natt N. Janish] Chats on Postage Stamps, by Frederick John Melville 53431 Principia Ethica, by George Edward Moore 53430 El sabor de la tierruca, by José María de Pereda 53429 [Language: Spanish] Die Naturwissenschaften in ihrer Entwicklung und 53428 in ihrem Zusammenhange, by Friedrich Dannemann [Subtitle: I.

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