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Your “teaching hours” might only be 20-25 hours per week, but most schools will require their teachers to be at the school for a full 40 hours per week, with the extra time going towards prep work and other activities such as showing up to join the morning assembly.To work legally as a teacher in Thailand you will need to get a teacher’s license, work permit, and non-immigrant “B” visa.

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Often you will see a job listing with something like “woman under 30” or “male 25 ”.that require native-level Foreign language ability—such as English teaching—are the easiest to come by.However, there are actually a wide range of expat jobs possible if you know where to look.It might be a small hassle, but it is a good sign that schools are starting to ask for this.There have been too many stories in the news about the bad apples who become teachers for the sole purpose of preying on children.A good Chinese teacher would have many opportunities for private tutoring to earn extra money.

There is plenty of opportunity for expats who work in the tech field.

Sometimes you’ll see very limiting requirements such as a master’s degree and 5 years experience, but must be under 30 years old, and can’t help but wonder how they can find any candidates to fit the bill.

Since you can’t do anything to change this, just simply ignore any job listings in which you might not fit their specific requirements.

For many young university graduates who want the experience of living and working abroad, a realistic plan is to save up a few thousand dollars, come to Thailand for a TEFL training course, and start teaching right afterwards.

When applying for teaching jobs in Thailand, your appearance really matters.

The minimum requirement for working in Thailand as an English teacher is generally to have a Bachelor Degree from a 4-year university, although the degree can be in any field—it doesn’t need to be in Education or English. You should bring your original university diploma and transcripts with you.