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On February 14, 1978, while Bud was playing racquet ball, he suffered a heart attack.

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He is survived by his loving wife, Anne, son Chris (Jackie) and their children Clara, Harrison and Hanna; and son Michael and his son Daniel.A tribute to the crew of the Pacific Western Airlines B707-321C Jan 2, 1973 Capt Arthur Jung (51) F/O Lowell Doerksen (27) F/E George Albert Dormer (45) Loadmaster Keith Mc Mahon (30) Project Manager Bill Vance (35) Wilmer was born the sixth of nine children to Ben and Mary Sawatzky.He was born in Lucky Lake, Saskatchewan on December 21, 1937.The family moved back to Vancouver where Bud recuperated and took the position as a simulator instructor in Vancouver.It was at this time that Bud and Sylvia bought a cabin cruiser and enjoyed charter salmon fishing as well as boating with family and friends. In 1998 Bud had open heart surgery, after recovery, he purchased a Motor Home and he and Sylvia began to travel to many southern destinations.After 18 months, he was promoted to Director of Aircraft Sales and Leasing. Spending most of the time in Mesa, AZ for eleven winters where he played tennis and enjoyed good health and many new friends. Bud and Sylvia went on many cruises and trips enjoying their travels together.

Bud had a successful career in this position worldwide. The family meant a lot to Bud; never missing a recital, ballgames and functions as these were joyful times for him.

While living there, the family enjoyed going to Penticton, BC to camp and water ski for a month every summer; a very memorable time for all.

They took several trips to Hawaii with the children and sometimes just Bud and Sylvia enjoyed those times too.

Donald was born in Blackpool, England and spent most of his formative years in the Lake District.

He immigrated to Canada in January of 1969, settling in the Toronto area.

He attended the Huntingdon Elementary School, Airport Middle School, and Phillip Sheffield High School where he graduated in 1955. During that time in his life, Bud with his cousin, Henry Krahn watched the movie, "The Missing Christian" after which he accepted the Lord as his personal Saviour. In Bud's last year of High School he met his wife to be, Sylvia. After two children were born (Mike and Paddi-Lou) Bud decided to pursue his dream of a flying career.