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Stretching to its full height of over eight feet tall, it had broad shoulders and obvious muscles. De Werth reached for his camera, but the movement prompted the creature to turn and run.Whatever was behind De Werth sprang into action as well, snapping branches and rustling bushes only a few feet away from him.

One says Bigfoot is a quantum being using “vortex holes” to go in and out of the Earth’s dimension, while another takes a more ecumenical approach and theorizes that Bigfoot and other cryptids could be Nephilim, the fallen angels cast out by God.Though he never found them, De Werth had a satisfactory day in the woods, and left for home at approximately four p.m.But as he walked to the clearing where he’d parked his truck, he had an unmistakable feeling he was being followed.“’Dwarves,’ ‘canine creatures,’ and ‘ape men.’” Given his age, he can’t spend as much time in the field as he’d like, but he’s done tons of research to make up for it.After delivering his papers, Schneider stands off to the side of the vendor area with fellow crypto kid John Lee, 27, as the two discuss Bigfoot’s origin.It combines the intellectual exchange of an academic forum with the oddball bonhomie of a “Star Trek” convention.

Salt Fork State Park – a 17,000-acre expanse of lush forests, lakes and hills in southeastern Ohio – plays host. De Werth thinks the creature left the Pacific Northwest for Ohio in a search for more privacy.) The 2017 OBC was held on May 20, welcoming a thousand guests from all over the country, with the foremost draw a series of talks by luminaries of the Bigfoot fan community.

Making his way slowly from table to table is Colin Schneider, sixteen, a New Yorker who introduces himself as “probably one of the world’s youngest cryptozoologists” and host of the weekly public radio show “The Crypto-Kid.” Schneider, quiet, with glasses and a brimmed hat, hands each presenter a stapled sheaf of papers listing cryptids from around the world and the different names they go by.

“They’re divided into themes,” Schneider says of his lists.

(Thanks in part to the number of historic Bigfoot sightings in the park, Ohio ranks behind only the Pacific Northwest in reported U. VIP tickets, which cost $50 and reserve the bearer a seat in the conference room where presentations occur, sold out in four minutes.

Emceed this year by Cliff Barackman, co-host of Animal Planet’s “Finding Bigfoot,” the OBC also features Bigfoot-themed merchandise of every kind: busts, t-shirts, jewelry, footprint casts, “sasq Watches,” mimeographed field reports, framed artwork, and even two kinds of Bigfoot wine.

arc De Werth’s encounter with the creature was sudden, terrifying and beautiful.