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Instead kids here ended up with strange cocktails in plastic bottles made from a little bit of every alcohol in the cupboard at home, topping each one up with water so no one would notice.

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Kids in other countries probably actually spoke to each other, without using gifs for letters.They end up drink as much as is humanly possible before leaving the house and then throw up when they get there, hormonal boys see it as an opportunity to get with as many girls as they can, and someone invariably gets left behind because they were meant to be getting picked up by a friend’s mum who forgot.Unlike in France, British parents don't ease their children into drinking with a glass of wine at dinner.Could you imagine a French teen getting trollied on a park bench and puking all over themselves?No, they're at dinner drinking a Châteauneuf-du-Pape, slowly, with an entrecôte de boeuf or something.In most other European countries you're allowed to drink beer and wine at the age of 16 and everything becomes a lot less cringe.

In the UK they have to give kids a taste of the clubbing experience without the alcohol so they don’t feel like they’re missing out.

The toilets are the best thing about any British clubbing experience.

There is nothing better to do in this fucking place.

This is a formative experience of youth, and will inevitably end in disaster. Often played in the park/car park near school, these games are designed to get certain members of a group really fucked.

If only we could have been cool and classy like the Europeans and drink bottles of wine. They are first played as teenagers, and by uni the rules have been learnt like scripture. The emos and the Jack Wills kids were often at odds with each other.

Just to have a taste of one sip of alcohol or see a real-life DJ, going to any length to get a fake ID was common practice. Because we're not romantic enough to be able to actually pull anyone like they can in other countries. Different music, different styles, equally as tragic.