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'Twenty-six years later, we're very solid,' she said.'I can look back on our relationship and pick out spots where it wasn't always perfect.

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I decided to forgive her , so I too have no idea what to do about all this.....When you know your significant other has gone ahead and done the forbidden, it's never the same, it really never is. if u hadn't found out from her other facebook, she would have continued to cheat on you and not said a thing.She won't learn anything if you allow her right back to you. Different people react differently in the same situation. you can forgives this girl n forget by moving on n finding someone else who will treat u right. if she lost a good thing with u then she must suffer the consquences. acualy i m so sorry for your pain its very hard to deal with cheating if u beleave in faithfal but life have to move on so with this situation do u think or beleave that its just a mistake which u can forgive for its- 8 months - twice - naked pics - admit after caught do u think u can rebuild your trust if not(that what i think) then leave with no regerd evryone have to bear his own actions dont make it easy for them by just forgive immidiatly and go on take your all time to handle it with your self then move on with or with out Hey dude..i went for a google search..n then i found this link..evrythng in your story is a real life situation for me..evrythng.nly gave the pics..n no help me.should i me with this decision.thng is messing with my head.You are the only one who can judge what will happen. If she does and you want her back see if she changes if she does about a 80% chance it won't happen again, if she doesn't change she will definitely cheat again.She claims she loves me , but I'm not so sure she begged for forgiveness , saying she feels horrible and cried her eyes out....Still not convinced but I'm not ready to let go I'm just lost.a week ago i found out her another facebook i.d so she told me everything .. I still love you and will always love you lots...that's it... The **** up part I change my hole life for her before her I had all kinds of different girls.

she is crying like hell asks for forgiveness i was goin to get engage to her she did for 3 or 4 months.. i would say drop her and move on i know its hard but its for the best. Stop going in the streets stop kicking it with my friends and once I hit rock bottom she treats me like dirt I use to be a G not givin a **** about nothin it's about time to go that rout and never trust anyone hit the weights and be the man I knw I am it's her lost it's funny cause once she took my life and made it all about her she thought I needed her and she thinks she better than me .

There is nothing quite like the pain of finding out that your partner has cheated, and a new Reddit thread has users sharing how they reacted to the infidelity—along with their reasons for staying with their unfaithful significant others.

Reddit user throwawohaway asked those who have been cheated on by their partners to reveal how they dealt with the breach of trust, inspiring many to explain why they chose to stay with their significant others in the end.

'Nothing will change the past—the lies, the infidelity, the nights spent thinking that you will go insane, the jealously the anger—you have to let it go somehow,' he noted.

'It takes time and good honest frank communication and intentions.' The woman said her husband now knows that she is completely serious when she encourages him to be honest with her.

i didnt miss a single thing tried my level best to please her make her happy n she seemed to be, we were perfect .. i thought her to be the most innocent girl of the world .. Even if you reconcile, those thoughts are a **** virus bro.