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When she did try to help by doing the laundry, she would fold it up sopping wet and put away in drawers, leaving them to mold.Makeup was kept in the microwave and cash was thrown in the back seat of her car like trash.

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She had no interest in decorating her new home or even cleaning it.She started doing little rituals such as tapping her foot on the ground at every stoplight and compulsive hand washing.She soon became a recluse not even liking to leave for her husband's social engagements.Not really after an education but instead looking for a wealthy man to marry. Letting her schoolwork slide, figuring she would be married to a doctor, she was devastated when her "fiance" ended the relationship.Sadly, her obsession for this man would go on for several years.As much as Russell loved his wife, she needed more help than he was able to give.

By May 1987, they were divorced following a separation, leaving Laurie with an $125,000 cash settlement.

One fateful day, while working a summer job as a cocktail waitress at Green Acres Country Club in Northbrook, she met Russell Dann, a son of a wealthy Highland Park family.

He was soon smitten by the beautiful, dark, haired woman.

She seemed a little shy but signs of her deteriorating mental state didn't start coming out until after their September of 1982 wedding.

Starting a new life in a beautiful $230,000 Highland Park home, wedded bliss wasn't to last.

Although a store clerk identified Laurie as buying an ice pick a few days before the stabbing, she was not seen entering or leaving the apartment of her husband.