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Christian advice 4 dating

try to behave in a way that will result in people having greater respect for and trust in God.

While such reasoning is faulty, the one who caused it is nevertheless responsible for causing the victim to feel that way.This is also considered spiritually beneficial for the soul.After death, a person’s soul is naturally drawn to his body – the thing most familiar to it.Much lobbying ensued, including Fischel traveling to Washington to meet with Lincoln.Six months later, the law was amended to permit Jewish clergy to become military chaplains.In fact, according to Jewish law, one may do such forms of temporary preservation for the honor of the deceased.

(Today this is done much less invasively with refrigeration.) There is further a debate in the Midrash if Joseph erred in embalming his father (even if it was this more minor procedure).

On the other hand, when we behave in the manner which God wishes, the result is - bringing glory and honor to God, and strengthening people's faith.

Our actions can and do affect how other people will think and act.

According to one opinion it was not only justified but requested by Jacob – presumably to preserve his body for the extended period needed.

According to a second opinion in the Midrash, Joseph was wrong in doing so, but not because embalming is forbidden per se, but because he should have realized that the body of a righteous person like Jacob would not decay, and so, preserving his body was unnecessary.

Embalming seems quite contrary to the Jewish way in burial.