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Clovis points dating

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Elle se trouve entre la Montagne noire et les Pyrénées sur l'axe de communication allant de la mer Méditerranée à l'océan Atlantique.

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This Clovis point was found during the 1975 excavation.The step fracture on one of the channel flakes has been removed with a long percussion flake.An attempt to remove the hinge fracture on the opposite side was unsuccessful because of a flaw in the stone.This one has been described as having a basal notch rather than noting that it has either a shallow or deep concave base as would be the case for descriptions of most Clovis points.It is theorized that the base of this point may have been altered to it's current form from the repair and reshaping of a previously damaged base.The longest point in this group is 6 inches long and made of deep red Phosphoria Formation chert.

It's considered by many to be the most skillfully made Clovis point so far discovered.

One of these points has a base which was made very similar to the "classic" Colby notched bases. 1988, "Encyclopedia of Human Evolution and Prehistory," by Ian Tattersall, Eric Delson and John Van Couvering, p.

It has the same rounded wide "ears" and a very deep concave base.

Both hinge fractures at the end of the channel flakes were removed by percussion flakes.

The heavily ground basal edges are also more parallel than the other points that have more rounded or tapered basal edges.

Elle est située sur la rive droite de l'Aude, au sud-est de la ville actuelle.