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Cool dating ideas los angeles

Don't blame him for being resourceful, this is LA and he's a writer for crying out loud. No surprise, we can call this place a capital of entertainment for the world.

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Maintaining a sense of adventure is one of the keys to any lasting relationship. Just load $7 on your TAP card to cover two round trip fares, walk to the nearest bus stop and hop on the first bus that pulls up. You can always pick up a kite at a Big 5 ($10 kites) or a Sports Authority, but go to with first names like Hamilton or Niles.So spend a day or night in a new land, eat some foreign food, stop in a few shops, and maybe pick up a postcard you can mail to her later on to remind her of your daycation.All the local spots below come in under $20 for a meal for two, and several are cash only: Sure, she somewhat appreciates the gesture when you come home with toilet paper and a $6 bouquet from CVS or Vons, but did you know you’re not far from the largest wholesale flower district in the United States?Don’t worry, these won’t make you come off as cheap (i.e.this is a Groupon free zone)—unless you already are.shrine (which would be a pretty damn cool date), but the Peace Awareness Labyrinth & Gardens are probably the most zen place in LA that you've never heard of. But at this early stage, no dinner date this side of a double-quarter pounder with cheese is realistically gonna cost under $20. Afterwards, grab two coffees ($3 each) from the cart in the Courtyard, have a seat in the Central Garden and get to know each other in one of the most beautiful settings in town.

There’s a meditation garden, lily ponds and many areas with great views of the city to inspire some meaningful convos. You may have a great hike in mind that winds through the Santa Monica Mountains with sweeping ocean views and a waterfall at its peak, but here's the thing: huffing and puffing for air isn't the best way to have a conversation when you’re just getting to know each other. Descanso Gardens in La Cañada is about as picturesque as it gets and you won’t break a sweat even if you haven’t worked out since 1999.

However, nature is kinda romantic and always good to get a dose in. It doesn't get any more simple and charming than this.

Pick up a bottle of halfway decent prosecco, some OJ and head to the beach on a weekend morning.

You two can stand next to each other as those Progresso cans come barreling down the assembly line all I Love Lucy candy factory-style. On a weekend morning, you'll be transported to another place and time.

So put on your own fashion show, get some bacon-wrapped hot dogs and churros from a street vendor, and share a real LA moment together..

Disneyland is not a place that usually comes to mind when you are thinking of where to take a date.