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D3 stuck at updating files

Run configure with --enable-libao to get the new sound options compiled in.See zsnes --help for a list of drivers you can use.

d3 stuck at updating files-2

For SDL users who had sound issues before, we've made some fixes to that, as well as added support for libao sound output.I'm pleased to announce that with our new PSR language, adding this greatly desired feature was a cinch, so enjoy!Lastly, people who have enjoyed the movie features with v1.50 should be happy to see that we've expanded them even more.[Deathlike, Nach] - Keep4_3Ratio option now only shows when necessary.[Deathlike] - PNG files now use extended height in extended height mode.[Nach, Deathlike] - Fixes for MEncoder check; added LAME check.

[Nach] - Custom dumping with multiple passes implemented.

Feel free to play with each one and see which works best for you, there should be something to make everyone happy.

Note however that certain older Linux versions have a bug in their threading which would cause all libao drivers to not output sound.

Also make sure you review the configure options to provide the best build for your users.

And please please include the documentation, located in docs/and docs/-ZSNES Team Changes:v1.51 - January 25, 2007All Ports:---------- - Rejoice for finally having 224 lines and them being shown properly in all cases.

[Deathlike] - ZSNES now properly adheres to the command-line when Auto State Save/Load is used.