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Dating a pilot tips

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To Alexa's dismay, Kenny (Hal Ozsan), a man from her past, reenters her life.

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Unable to simply leave the body, Buddy dumps Kenny in a local lake.Buddy hopes to keep up the ruse only long enough to empty Jonathan's bank account.However, he is inspired to stay after helping both a local mom and the son of Alden Schmidt, the skeptical church president.Alden is not pleased, and calls in the area bishop.Meanwhile, Hyde and Lovello, the detectives working on Buddy's disappearance case, discover through DNA that the faceless body they found in the river is not Buddy's.Alden becomes smitten with Ashlee, raising tensions in his stagnant marriage.

Alexa holds her annual charity fashion show and hurts Dora by mistaking her hand-knit ponchos for tablecloths.

He finds out the man was on his way to a new job in a small town.

When he arrives, Buddy learns Jonathan was not only supposed to be the new pastor at the town's Lutheran church but also was gay.

A passing motorist, Jonathan Barlow (Michael Bean), tries to intervene, but winds up accidentally falling to his own death.

Buddy gets in the man's car and decides to assume Jonathan's identity.

Garcia was tapped to play the role of Lee Anne, Buddy's bartender ex-girlfriend, that he left behind.