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Dating advice shy girls

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With abundant room for experimentation, you have nothing to fear when you smile at the boy across the counter.

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Make sure to smile, too, because when you force yourself to behave in a specific manner, your brain then produces the appropriate chemicals, and the feelings become real.However, you have to be sure to talk to him about matters that are relevant to him as well.You cannot and must not indulge in ‘women-talk’ and risk boring him away.Appreciate him After you get past the smiles and all the talks, you have to make sure he stays there.If you find no topic that can bail you out, you can take the safe way out and compliment him.Different things work for different women; hence you should try to find yourself the magic potion!

Entice him with words Engage him in an interesting conversation.

When you look secure and approachable, guys will make a beeline for you.

Confidence may not necessarily come from wearing good clothes and being comfortable in them, it can also appear magically when you compliment yourself or you indulge in pampering yourself by getting a facial, a manicure, a pedicure or even a massage.

While many women are generously blessed with the ability to strike a chord with one look, there are many of us who fall prey to being coy.

It does become a hindrance for us and try as hard as we may; we fail to make an impression that lasts.

Guys like nothing better than a woman who can hold their attention with a few words.