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The bridge was completed in October 1931, ahead of schedule and well under the estimated costs.Using its ability to issue bonds and collect revenue, the Port Authority has built and managed major infrastructure projects.Early projects included bridges across the Arthur Kill, which separates Staten Island from New Jersey.The idea for the Port Authority was conceived during the Progressive Era, which aimed at the reduction of political corruption and at increasing the efficiency of government.With the Port Authority at a distance from political pressures, it was able to carry longer-term infrastructure projects irrespective of the election cycles and in a more efficient manner.Under an independent agency, the Holland Tunnel was opened in 1927, with some planning and construction pre-dating the Port Authority.

With the rise in automobile traffic, there was demand for more Hudson River crossings.

Freight had to be shipped across the Hudson River in barges.

In 1916, New Jersey launched a lawsuit against New York over issues of rail freight, with the Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) issuing an order that the two states work together, subordinating their own interests to the public interest.

At the beginning of the 20th century, there were no road bridge or tunnel crossings between the two states.

The initial tunnel crossings were completed privately by the Hudson and Manhattan Railroad in 19 ("Hudson Tubes"), followed by the Pennsylvania Railroad in 1910 ("North River Tunnels").

By issuing its own bonds, it was financially independent of either state; the bonds were paid off from tolls and fees, not from taxes.