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Dating an old kjv bible

dating an old kjv bible-78

Just gazing upon its ancient print style and thick pages brings a sense of reverence and awe, and reminds one of the sacrifices made by the early printers to bring us these treasured early copies of God's Word.What an amazing conversation piece and attention-commanding display item for your home! They are very durable, having survived centuries of reading and use, in excellent condition.

They cannot lose nearly half their value in one year, like many stock market funds have done recently.And what a magnificent gift for a very special occasion, or for the “person who has everything.” Can I really afford one? For less than the cost of a good plasma television set, you could have one of these ancient treasures of Christian history in your home. Unlike the comparatively fragile Bibles printed today, usually made of super-thin “rice paper” or regular wood-pulp paper, glued together and designed for only 20 to 50 years of regular use; these ancient Bibles are made of super-strong and very thick acid-free 100% rag cotton linen sheets (like bed linens), stitched together and designed to last nearly 1,000 years.Of course, the leather bindings typically last around 150 to 300 years of use before disintegrating, so over 80% of our ancient Bibles have been either completely rebound in fresh, strong, new leather… A four-century-old English Family Bible makes the ideal family heirloom.Your children can gain a deeper appreciation for the Bible by holding one of the earliest English printings in their hands.Contact Us to discuss what is currently available in our inventory.

If you want to build a collection, rather than just obtain one or two ancient Bibles, you may want to eventually acquire a very rare Bishops Bible (the “rough draft” of the King James Version), and perhaps a Rheims New Testament, which are in that same price range.

A Bible’s value depends mostly on the completeness, condition, content, and size of its pages…

and not on the age of the piece of leather that it happens to be bound in at this time.

Other than applying a moisturizing cream to the leather binding once every few years, they require no special care beyond what common sense would dictate. Rare antiquarian (antique) Bibles that are investment-grade typically increase in value each year by 15 to 25% or more.

Much like coastal real estate, "They aren't making any more" and demand only goes up each year.

Your ancient Bible’s binding can easily look exactly as you want it to look.