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Dating bucket

Plus watch a girl challenge the sexist norms at her @theluckieday For anyone who's had a hard breakup, this witty and sharp movie will hit you right in the feels.Bringing to you the humour of different talented actors and actresses like Jason Siegel, Mila Kunis, Russell Brand, Kristen Bell and more, it's not hard to love this clever and relatable movie.

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Engaging in something new or adventurous stimulates the reward centers of the brain, flooding the brain with the "pleasure chemical" dopamine, according to Emily de Ayala, American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT ) certified sex therapist and couples relationship expert at Revive Therapy."Engaging in an adventure with a partner helps you grow in your relationship and strengthens your bond," de Ayala said.(Hint: That's not short for "good for you.") Instead, people want to hear about the time your date took you to Union Pool in Brooklyn on a Saturday night because he "heard good things." They want to hear about the time you and your date sat in complete silence for 15 minutes watching an "SNL" rerun playing on the TV above the bar, and how he still expected you to go home with him (in my defense, Drake was hosting and it was very funny).Rarely will a date ruin your life, so you might as well embrace it, blog out it, and tweet about it... The One Where No One Drinks Imagine this: Meeting a complete stranger who has expressed initial interest in your looks and personality, and vice-versa.To help singles get in touch with their adventurous side, on May 22 Match is unveiling a new feature that allows singles to create bucket lists on their profiles. The dating site also plans to host over 600 events as part of its Match Summer Bucket List Event Series. It's hard not to root for the sweet as hell main character, played by Kevin James.

And seriously who wouldn't want Will Smith as your wingman. via @dani_simply For every girl who has Pinterest planned their wedding, you will seriously appreciate this film. Jennifer Lopez plays a wedding planner who falls for the groom of the wedding she is planning.

Also if you love Hawaii, you will love the tropical vibes from this movie.

via @hablar_de_cine In this iconic 2000s rom com, two people think that they're playing the other person, but what they don't know? Watch the dynamic duo that is Kate Hudson and Matthew Mc Coughnahey as she tries to lose him and he tries to make her fall in love with him.

If you insist on this, know that on the outside your friends are saying, "That's so great!

Wow, you really deserve this." But on the inside, "GFY, GFY GFY," has become a mantra of some sort.

via @ya One of the films that first debuted Channing Tatum in all his beautiful glory.