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Dating corbina

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Food Fishes—Of the small varieties of fish there are the smelt, herring, perch, sardine and pompano, together with quite a number of other varieties.The pompano is the rarest and most expensive fish caught on this coast, the market price being $1 per pound, and the fish is sold readily at that price as soon as put upon the market. Volk, at the end of the Horseshoe pier, alone caught seven pounds of the fish early in the morning.

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Both surf and yellowfin were running in numbers and in large size, and a catch there on Thursday is a sample of what happened all week. Good Fishing Off Pier Is reported—Huntington Beach, May 8.—A five and one-half pound spotfin fish was landed from the end of the pier here yesterday and, according to E. Curtis, proprietor of the fishing tackle stand at the end of the pier, was the largest fish of the year.He caught three yellowfin which weighed three and one-quarter, three and three-quarters and four and one-half pounds.Three surf fish which he also caught weighed five and five-eighths, four and one-half and three and one-half pounds.A curiosity in marine life was a double halibut taken on the banks this morning by Charles Johnson.The fish was identical on both upper and lower sides.It was, and still is, simply called a pompano by most anglers.

In those early years it was considered the best eating fish and for that reason was one of the favorite catches by pier fishermen.

Not too different from today, both yellowfin croaker and corbina were favorites from both the piers and surf.

However, although the croakers were almost always called by their normal name, corbina were as often as not given the alternative, interchangeable name—surf or surf fish.

If an article referred to surf or surf fish, it meant corbina.

Most of the stories detailing large numbers of croakers, and large-sized croakers, were from the resort of Balboa (today’s Newport Bay).

Good catches of herring, spot fin, yellow fin, surf fish or corbina, perch, king fish, halibut have been reported with several good-sized sharks also landed.