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Dating curriculum vitae

ASSA Meetings (Chicago), ICEEE Conference (Messina), Columbia University, “Information, Uncertainty and Beliefs” Conference (NYU-Stern), NCState U., 2017 SNDE Conference (Paris), U. At University of Pompeu Fabra: Pietro Dallari (IMF), Gergely Ganics (in progress, was awarded the Uni Credit & Universities Foundation best economics job market paper award), Florens Odendahl (in progress), Donghai Zhang (in progress), Luca Rossi (in progress), Christian Hoynck (in progress), Matthieu Soupre’ (in progress), Adil Ismailov (in progress), Yiru Wang (in progress).

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The CV lists your education, work experience, research background and interests, teaching history, publications, and more.AEA Meetings (Denver), Pompeu Fabra, Columbia University, University of Pennsylvania, U.of Arizona, Michigan State U., Collegio Carlo Alberto, Society for Nonlinear Dynamics and Econometrics Conference (Washington), Conference in honor of Hal White (UCSD, May), Bank of Canada-ECB conference on “Exchange Rates and Macroeconomic Adjustment” (Ottawa), NBER Summer Institute (*), Joint Statistical Meetings (Miami), NBER-NSF Time Series Conference, University of Chicago, UNC Chapel-Hill SNDE Conference (Istanbul), Conference on “Policy Responses to Commodity Price Movements” (IMF, IMF Economic Review and Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey), SED Meetings (Cyprus), Deutsche Bundesbank & Ifo Institute Workshop on “Uncertainty and Forecasting in Macroeconomics”, Australasian Meetings of the Econometrics Society (Melbourne), Sydney Econometric Theory Workshop (UNSW, Sydney), Monash University, Joint Statistical Meetings (San Diego), European Meeting of the Econometric Society (Malaga), NBER Meeting on Commodity Markets (Stanford), "Monetary Policy and Commodity Prices" Conference (ECB and Norges Bank), UPF Faculty Lunch seminar Italian Conference on Econometrics and Empirical Economics (ICEEE, Genova), CORE (Louvain), SNDE Conference (Milan), Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (Geneva), Carlos III (Madrid), Universitat Autonoma Barcelona, “Frontiers of Macroeconometrics” Conference (UCL, London), “Forecasting Structure and Time-Varying Patterns in Economics and Finance” Conference (Erasmus University, Rotterdam), NBER-NSF Conference* (Washington), So Fi E Conference (Lugano), UAB, University of Padova, EC(2) Conference (Cyprus). admissions in parentheses): Rubi Sugana, Dan Taylor (Stanford GSB), Nujin Prasertsom (Duke U.), Tae-Bong Kim (Duke U.), Sarah Wei Jia (Wharton, U. Wisconsin-Madison), Kutilda Khunwisetphong, CY Lee (Duke U.), Lei Shao (U.Your mentor likely has a CV of 20 pages of more, depending on his or her productivity, rank, and experience.Beginning graduate students usually start out with 1 page CVs and work hard to flesh them out into multiple page documents.Conference on Real Time Data Analysis and Methods in Economics (Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia 2007, discussant of: “Testing Equal Predictive Ability with Real-time Data” by Michael Mc Cracken and Todd Clark). ECB Working Papers and Bank of England Working Paper Review.

Financial Econometrics Conference, May 2013, Toulouse (discussant of: “Predictive Regression and Robust Hypothesis Testing: Predictability Hidden”, by Anomalous Observations”, by Lorenzo Camponovo, Olivier Scaillet and Fabio Trojani)Econometrics Society Winter Meetings 2014 (Philadelphia, discussant of: “Central bank macroeconomic forecasting during the financial crisis: the European Central Bank and Federal Reserve Bank of New York Experiences”, Financial Econometrics Conference at CIRANO and CIREQ (Montreal, Canada); NBER Summer Meetings on “Forecasting and Empirical Methods in Macroeconomics and Finance” and “Economic Fluctuations” (Boston). Granger, “Predictive Methodology and Application in Economics and Finance” (San Diego), Financial Econometrics Conference, CIRANO, CIREQ and MITACS, Montreal; NBER/NSF Conference (Dallas); Joint Caltech-UCLA-USC Workshop on "Non-linear/Non-stationary Time Series Models".

Don't Add Irrelevant Information Hobbies and interests should not appear on your CV.

Include only extracurricular activities that are directly related to your work.

UNC Chapel Hill, Conference on “Forecasting in Macroeconomics and Finance” (CIRANO and CIREQ, Montreal, Canada), North American Summer Meetings of the Econometric Society (Los Angeles), NBER Summer Meetings, (“Forecasting and Empirical Methods in Macroeconomics and Finance”, Boston), Midwest Economic Group Meetings (Ohio State University), Triangle Econometrics Conference (Durham). Davis, University of California Los Angeles, Ohio State University, CSWEP session on Co-integration and Empirical Applications (New Orleans), Southern Economic Association (New Orleans), U. K.), NBER-NSF Time Series Conference and Workshop on Unit Roots, Heidelberg* and Kaiserslautern (Germany), Conference on “Unit Root and Cointegration Testing” (Faro, Portugal, poster session), Universite’ de Montreal (Montreal, Canada), Owen School of Business (Vanderbilt University), Southern Economic Association (Washington), Triangle Econometrics Conference (Durham).

University of Virginia, Emory University, Université Libre de Bruxelles (Bruxelles, Belgium), Econometric Society Summer Meetings (Evanston), NBER/NSF Time Series Conference (Chicago, poster session), University of Houston and Rice University, University of Maryland, Virginia Tech, Midwest Econometrics Group Meetings (University of Missouri-Columbia), Euro Area Business Cycle Network Conference (Frankfurt am Main, Germany), EC2 Conference on "Endogeneity, Instruments and Identification in Econometrics" (CEMMAP UCL and IFS, London, U. Econometric Society Winter Meetings (San Diego), Society for Non-linear Dynamics and Econometrics* (Atlanta), First Forecasting Conference (Duke University), Concordia University (Montreal), Econometric Society Summer Meetings* (Brown University), NBER Summer Institute on “Forecasting and Empirical Methods in Macroeconomics and Finance” (Boston), Federal Reserve Bank of St. Econometric Society Winter Meetings* (Boston), SAMSI Workshop (National Institute of Statistical Sciences), NC State University (Raleigh), Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve (Washington), University of Pittsburgh, University of Bologna (Statistics Department), Ente Einaudi (Bank of Italy, Rome), Econometric Society Summer Meetings (Minneapolis), Society for Economic Dynamics (Vancouver), "Econometrics in Rio" (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), UNC-Chapel Hill, NBER-NSF Time Series Conference (Montreal, poster session), University of Austin, Cleveland Fed Workshop on “Methods and Applications for Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Models”, Conference on “Breaks and Persistence in Econometrics”* (Cass Business School, London), ECMichigan State, NBER Macroeconomics Annual Conference (Boston), Conference on “The Macroeconomics of Technology Shocks” (Laurier Center for Economic Policy, Waterloo, Canada), University of Cincinnati, Brown University, Society for Economic Dynamics (Prague, Czech Republic), Econometrics Society Summer Meetings*, (Duke University), NBER Summer Institute on “Forecasting and Empirical Methods in Macroeconomics and Finance”* (Boston), Joint Statistical Meetings (Salt Lake City), Conference on “Time Series Econometrics with Applications to Macroeconomics and Finance” (Federal Reserve Bank of St.

In academics, the resume is called a curriculum vitae (or CV) and it is even less fun to write.