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Dating heritage guitars

We've got the latest on all the goings-on in NYC, from concerts to museum exhibitions to comedy to the best in city sightseeing.Read on for our picks for the best of this week in New York City.

Also on board are one-time Radiators drummer Johnnie Bonnie, former Blue Russia member Tony St. Bren Lynott, previously of The End and The Cathedral, on bass and vocals., consistent with most of her writing, deals in the main with environmental issues, a theme that resulted in her sharing the stage over the years with artists such as Steve Winwood, Janis Iain, Bonnie Raitt, Joan Baez and Arlo Guthrie.The album is dedicated to environmental and social justice activists Barry Snitkin who died in February 2015.Their sound is world music Irish style, their groove actually self-christened as Atlantaen.The album weighs in with a hefty fifteen tracks in total - all titles written by the band - and does indeed explore many different styles from traditional () together with some quite distinguished hybrids.Its unlikely that even the most discernible listener will connect fully on first listen but with repeated plays of the album the tales unravel and the atmosphere fully exposes itself.

The material never strays too far from what is probably most credibly described as gothic folk blues, with early Leonard Cohen influences noticeable on creates dreamlike images of a mysterious afterworld ever so close yet always out of reach.

Trouble Pilgrims Chiswick The Rollercoaster Records annual albums of the year poll is the most credible reflection on albums released by both Irish and International acts during the previous twelve months.

Voted by the punters rather than the music press, it covers a wide range of genres from rock to roots, country to metal and further afield.

And this one takes us just a tad farther with the addition of the Nashville Recording Orchestra to the mix.

The blend of Orchestra and Bluegrass instrumentation makes for a heady brew that is guaranteed a place on any Christmas listening list.

This year’s poll featured votes for 575 albums in total and when the top 50 were announced it came as little surprise to me to find Dark Shadows and Rust by Trouble Pilgrims sitting pretty at No.29.