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Dating hindu friend friend

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Whilst my parents expect her to follow my religion after marriage; I am of the view that she can follow her religion but she has to partake in all my Hindu religious activities; and that we have to have a Hindu marriage.

Pastor Pritam Singh Sandhu is also a Singapore registered licensed marriage solemnizer and conducts both civil and ceremonial marriages.I also realise that there are other factors like children to be considered here.I like this girl and will find your advice invaluable. a multicultural church reaching out to the South Asian community in Singapore and beyond.South Asian International Fellowship also has a SAIF-Telugu and SAIF Tamil congregation - a focused targeted weekly evangelistic ministry to the migrant workers of Telugu and Tamil origin in Singapore mainly of blue collar shipyard and construction workers and some mission focussed Indian Singaporean PR families.For example, in what religious tradition will your children be raised?

What will they be taught about God, what happens after death, etc.?

The Christian Attitude Toward Non-Christian Religions" which can be found at

I think it will help you better understand your Christian girlfriend's perspective on participating in your Hindu religious activities. In Exodus 20:1-6 the Lord gives His people the first two of the Ten Commandments. To have (or worship) no other gods except the Lord, and 2.

Pastor Pritam Singh Sandhu has two children - Sujaan Kaur Sandhu [born 21/06/04] and Saajan Singh Sandhu [born 04/01/09], and is married to Dr.

Balbir Kaur Chaal, a UK-born Punjabi Christian and Cambridge University educated molecular biologist.

SAGC2009- an International Gathering for South Asian Christian Youth and Young Adults for Mission Mobilization.