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Dating laws in new mexico

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NMSA 1978, may charge a "non-filing insurance" fee in lieu of charging fees for filing security agreements with county officials.

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Can this minimumeligibility date be reduced by good time awards?Whether proceeds from the sale of property seized before November 25, 1986 under the New Mexico Controlled Substances Act, but not disposed of by order of the District Court, may be channeled to the state police bureau of narcotics instead of the Public School Fund.Is a law enforcement agency prohibited by the Children's Code, the Arrest Record Information Act or any other law of the State of New Mexico from releasing to the public the names of juveniles who have been arrested for criminal acts, and the charges for which they were arrested? Are funds received by the beef council subject to legislative appropriation?Whether the Environmental Improvement Board can make minor, nonsubstantive corrections, such as typographical and grammatical corrections, to its regulations after a public hearing on the regulations but prior to filing.Does the New Mexico State Racing Commission have the authority to prohibit an attorney from representing a client before the Commission in adjudicatory proceedings or public hearings on the basis of alleged misconduct?Does Section 18-6-9.1 of the Cultural Properties Act, Sections 18-6-1 through 18-6-17 NMSA (Supp.

1986), enable the state historic preservation officer to participate in the Environmental Improvement Division's deliberation whether to license a private discharge plan when the license would affect a registered cultural property on private land?

Is it legal for state agencies to engage in collective bargaining with their employees? Is the beef council required to submit an annual operating budget and budget request to the State Budget Division of the Department of Finance and Administration pursuant to sections 6-3-7 and 6-3-19 N. May lodger's tax revenues be used to support a toll-free "800" telephone service maintained by the Red River Chamber of Commerce pursuant to a contract or services agreement with the town of Red River?

Are the Rules for Labor-Management Relations which the State Personnel Board promulgated in the past authorized under New Mexico Law? For purposes of calculating the state's distribution to a school district in accordance with the Public School Capital Improvements Act, does the phrase, "the product obtained by the tax rate imposed in the district," contained in Section 22-25-9 NMSA 1978 refer to the tax rate authorized by Section 22-25-3 NMSA 1978 or the lower rate required by operation of the rate limitation provisions of Section 7-37-7.1 NMSA 1978?

The content of the documents can be searched using the "Search this site" box at the top of the page. Do Sections 4-44-4 through 4-44-12 NMSA 1978 violate Article IV, Section 27 of New Mexico Constitution insofar as they authorize salaries for elected county officers which are greater than those previously fixed by law? If it does, are the rights of the employees being affected unlawfully?

The documents are not listed in any certain order, search for what you are looking for and you should be able to find it quickly. Does the New Mexico Constitution permit the inclusion of the substantive provisions of House Appropriations and Finance Committee substitute for House Bill 51 (House Bill 51) and House Bill 211, as they are now written, in House Bill two, the 1983 General Appropriations Act? Does Chapter 297, Laws of New Mexico 1983, take precedence over the Personnel Act. Were amounts paid to state employees for sick leave under the state's estab- lished sick leave policy or system " wages" for FICA tax purposes, as defined by 42 USC §409(b) prior to its 1981 amendments?

May the Code of Conduct of the State Transportation Authority (the "Authority") make an exception to the Conflict of Interest Act, which would allow members of the Authority to vote on offi-cial matters when such members have a financial interest in abusiness to which the official matter pertains? Whether the Horse Racing Act, Section 60-1-1 to 60-1-23 NMSA (1978), permits the State Racing Commission to approve a licensee's application for a race meet that begins at one of the licensee's facilities and concludes at another of the licensee's facilities? Pena, county treasurer for Mc Kinley County, retire in June, 1988, and resume office as county treasurer without suspension of public employee retirement benefits, if the county commission reappoints Mr.