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The full title of the last official edition is: "Raccolta di orazioni e pie opere, per le quali sono state concesse dai Sommi Pontefici le SS. The Raccolta was first published at Rome in 1807 by Telesforo Galli, one of the consultors of the Congregation of Indulgences.The connexion of a certain thing with a certain person, in virtue of which the person may declare the thing his own, can originate only on the basis of concrete facts.It is an evident demand of human reason in general that one may give or leave one's own to anyone; but what constitutes one's own is determined by facts.If I have the right to demand one hundred dollars from a person, he is under the obligation to give them to me; without this obligation, right would be illusory.One may even say that the right of one person consists in the fact that, on his account, others are bound to perform or omit something.It is forbidden to publish a translation of the entire Raccolta without the approval of the Roman congregation (Decret. Any unauthorized use, without prior written consent of Catholic Online is strictly forbidden and prohibited.

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Right is called a moral or legal authority, because it emanates from a law which assigns to one the dominion over the thing and imposes on others the obligation to respect this dominion.