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Dating my optometrist

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-Shannon Carollo Hi, I'm Saiyed, a 27 year old male from Nepal. Thank you, Saiyed Shakya, Kathmandu, Nepal Lynda, or was it Linda? I was born with a lazy eye, but it corrected around 45 I became a paralegal and read so many papers that one day I looked in the mirror and died a bit on the inside. The Doc said, it crossed because of alignment and the vision being so much worse in that eye. I am so tired of people looking at me funny and then looking over their shoulders, like, is she talking to me? I read that you trained your eye somehow to see from both eyes, but you did not say what you did.

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Lately I've noticed that in the dark my bad eye sees a lot less than my good eye, which kind of scares me since, man, I'm already colourblind, I don't need to be completely blind.Will some employers still be uneasy and choose to hire someone fully sighted? On the other hand, if you are struggling with depth perception and if you regularly bump into things on your right side and you want to correct it, I say go for it.Unfortunately, it happens even though it's illegal. I think your motivation for surgery should be about pleasing you and not pleasing others.If anyone has thoughts or advice, please share your experience. Hi Saiyed, I am not a medical expert, but a teacher for students with visual impairments.I would definitely recommend seeking the advice of an ophthalmologist.) The vision in my right eye has deteriorated so much that my glasses prescription is -25 for my good eye, and -175 for my bad eye.

It's interesting also that I've seen other people in this thread say something like: don't worry about your bad eye, in your next life, you won't be this way.

Doctor mentioned that my double vision might stay as it is after surgery. Here's my opinion: I would not undergo surgery for the purpose of physical appearance.

Your past work, references, social network, and ability to show/ tell how you will get the job done with any accommodations should be enough to get you a job.

I don't remember what one of my surgeons in Toronto called it but essentially when my eyelid is supposed to go down ~slightly (when I look to the right) my eyelid goes waaaay down, and when I look toward my nose, my eyelid opens up very far, more than what my normal eye does.

I don't know the word for this either but I cannot use both of my eyes to see at the same time.

I don't feel any depth perception problem although I need to turn my head right to see any objects on my right side.