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But then Harry saw Snape's memories and realized his true goodness.

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Snape is always thinking about Harry, which makes for interesting classes. After Harry killed Voldemort, he must have had so much tragedy in his life that people his own age interest him less. What happens when Snape falls in love with Harry and vice versa? It was childish to hold onto it so long and now he realizes that.You can't think about kissing the student you're supposed to hate in class and not have anyone notice. He loved Lily Potter from the day he met her until she died, and even after that.He knows it's wrong to focus on him so much, because he's a teacher and so much older and Harry still hates him (at least as far as Snape knows), but he can't bring himself to stop. But he hasn't loved any women the same way since her.But Harry seemed to have decided it was all in the past and never said anything to Snape about them.

People are starting to notice that Snape's become nicer, and everyone is guessing as to why; the theories ranging from that he's not Snape at all, but a copy aided by Polyjuice Potion, to brainwashing and the Imperius curse.

But, as always, Harry's thoughts never stray from Snape for long. He's never noticed it before; maybe because he was too busy hating him.

His long black hair is silky and soft (or, at least Harry imagines it to be so-he's never touched it) and his dark eyes are deep and expressive, now that he doesn't have to hide his every feeling from Voldemort.

His courage, his personality, his body…Harry Potter is in love with Severus Snape. He never thought of himself as gay or even bi but now…he loves Snape, and what else could that mean?

It's especially strange because he's hated Snape for so long.

He was the only one who could do it, and he did, bringing Sirius back, giving Harry a guardian and a good friend. Harry laughed out loud thinking about Sirius, receiving a few strange looks from the other boys in the Gryffindor seventh year dorm.