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"Being solicited on Linked In is a real thing that happens," Wolfe Herd told CNN Tech.She's experienced that discomfort first-hand -- and so have some of her female employees.

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I hated it that details of my life were being turned into a commodity and peddled around the world.All three offerings can be found within the main Bumble app.Users can toggle between the verticals and set up different profiles with distinct profile pictures.Once matched, connections can chat in the app and setup meetings IRL.Because the app is location-based, people will only see potential contacts who are nearby.Bumble -- the dating app where women make the first move -- has launched its new service, Bumble Bizz, for finding career contacts.

It comes more than one year after it was first teased by the company.

Although Bumble Bizz may be looking to address some of the complaints about Linked In, Wolfe Herd doesn't consider it a competitor.

"We're offering something on-demand and hyper-local with clear intentions," she said.

"Men are used to getting turned down on Linked In, but what about men genuinely looking to connect with women in different industries? "Men and women both need to network and build their Rolodex." The use of Linked In to find dates has been reported in recent years by sites such as the Atlantic and Glamour.

"There is a shield built into Bumble," said Wolfe Herd.

When asked if she would date men again, Stewart told the magazine, "Yeah, totally. '"(Read the full interview with Stewart in she is in love with her girlfriend.