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Dating old photographs children

We have not described every thing that may be used as a pointer.For example, the background is clearly a painted canvas indicating a studio shot.

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An additional clue which helps us date old photographs are the poses and props.We do actually know when this was taken: about 1890.Even though we know the date, you may wish to work your way through the pointers which confirm this date.Although painted backdrops were common for decades, the drapes and woodwork of the stairs may contain clues.The dress worn by the young lady standing in the middle and the outfits of the younger children could also be compared.Tracing Your Seafaring Ancestors : A Guide To Maritime Photographs For Family Historians Photographs of your seafaring ancestors may tell you more about their lives than you realize, and Simon Wills's helpful and practi...

Family Chronicle ’s special publication Dating Old Photographs 1840-1929 has proved to be very popular.

Anyone needing proof of this can see that children, far too young to understand the necessity to keep still, were common subjects even in the 1850s. This can help to limit the date that the photograph was produced to the years they were operating or sometimes at a particular address. ) The earliest known photograph taken in North America was taken in October or November 1839.

Even though most photographs can be dated by comparing these to known examples, some can be very difficult, even impossible. Family history and collecting old photographs are two very popular pastimes these days and old photographs can pose many questions such as ‘Who is it? Here are a few lists to work through: Search by Photographer's Name and County by Rosemary & Stan Rodliffe City of Bristol, UK. There are probably few family historians who do not possess a number of unidentified and undated photographs.

A large 1000 plus list of photographers and photographs a few have estimated dates. Frequently Asked Questions (I have a photo like yours. It is a common mistake to assume that trends in fashion are something fairly new.

This is only because we are far less familiar with fashions of previous periods; at a quick glance they all seem much the same.

Military Photographs And How To Date Them Neil Storey offers advice on identifying military uniforms, badges, insignia, ranks, medals and the equipment worn by our military ancestors. Dating Old Army Photographs This book aims to help with the dating of army photographs from the second half of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th.