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We work closely with the local bus company First Hampshire & Dorset Ltd.

The term “music industry” covers a wide variety of fields and positions.CLICK ON EACH type to see detailed characteristics.Kwik Tip research guides give you a convenient and fact-filled tool to help you determine dates for your 19th century photographs pictures.Song Spotlight is your all-access pass into the art of songwriting.We bring intimate live performances and fascinating musical insight straight from the artist to you, musician-to-musician.Your company has made me look great in so many performances. - David Osborne, Steinway Artist and "Pianist to the Presidents" I sing some of the most current songs thanks to

I do not know how I would be able to find such great quality piano pieces and such an affordable price anywhere else.

The first step in dating 19th century photographs is identifying which technology was used to create the picture.

This is straightforward detective work for most images, but very early photographs can be misleading.

The information provided here can turn you into a proficient photo detective.

The vast majority of antique photographs taken in the 19th century were one of the following types.

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