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The serial numbers were checked through the University's records and found to belong to the University.The property was recovered, an arrest was made, and the subject pled guilty to embezzlement." "Northwestern University police were able to locate 6 laptop computers were stolen by a former employee using Leads Online.

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The location of these laptops ties in a major part of the investigation to where we could upgrade the charges to a higher class of felony." "I got a one month free trial of Leads Online and ran all the serial numbers of stolen items over the past year. After the arrest of the person who pawned the camera, I traced it back to a custodian at the University who had been working in the area of the theft.I then started checking people that I had arrested in the past, including students, staff and people from off campus.As a result I found that a music student had pawned three tubas at different pawn shops over a six month period.Leads Online provided THREE suspects who sold these items showing the item, serial number, date and time of transaction, complete description to include a driver's license and actual photograph of the exchange; all of which is imperative to a criminal prosecution.Based upon this lead, I drove to the residence of one of the suspects and confronted him regarding the i Pads.We were at a stand-still regarding possible leads to even submit fingerprints to DPS (AFIS) since at the particular point of the investigation, I did not know if the suspected burglars would be juveniles, and their fingerprints unavailable with AFIS.

I received notice from "Leads Online" that they showed several of the i Pads taken from the SAISD in the eco ATM's, they informed me that they did have several of the i Pads on hold and would be sending them to me.

When I checked with the Music Department, they discovered they were missing the three tubas. The tubas were recovered and the student confessed.

As a result of the recovery of the camera and $9000 of University property, I was able to get Leads Online in our budget. " "Jiyeon Min's $30,000 violin, along with a pair of $5,000 bows, went missing before her final scheduled performance as a student at the Shepherd School of Music Presidential Concert at Stude Hall. Gary Spears picked up the case and knew where to look first. I gave it a whirl and searched for all violins with that brand name pawned in Texas and Louisiana over the weekend.

When the suspect was confronted with the indisputable evidence, he confessed to the burglary and arson of the house.

Thanks to leads online, TDC has another customer." "I wish to express my gratitude to Leads Online for all the help given to me in my investigation regarding a Burglary.

The house had been burglarized one week prior to the house fire.