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Dating the enemy lianne alf

dating the enemy lianne alf-62

Tickets are $30 at the door or by emailing [email protected] by Michael Sangiacomo Elyria - Were the fiery objects that crashed into Elyria 38 years ago Tuesday part of an unidentified flying object that crashed near the western Pennsylvania town of Kecksburg? A group of UFO enthusiasts, backed by the Sci-Fi Channel, filed a lawsuit Tuesday seeking full disclosure of NASA records regarding the crash of a large, fiery object near Kecksburg.

Focus: Ufology in mysticism UFOs, flying saucers and ET conjure up images from Hollywood films and blurred photos in tabloid newspapers.According to Mr Bassett the evidence began to manifest itself about 1947 and was quickly hushed to avoid piling more pressure on a planet already buckling under the Cold War.We understand the reason for the embargo but we need it to end now, he said.C., by Leslie Kean, of San Rafael, Calif., the investigative director of the Coalition for Freedom of Information.She asked that NASA be forced to release all information it has gathered on the Kecksburg crash.10, 1965, smaller fireballs also crashed in the Elyria area, setting 10 small grass fires. Ralph Richards of West River Drive in Elyria told the newspaper she saw a "flaming object about the size of a basketball" crash into a field.

Government officials at the time said the main fireball and the smaller pieces came from a meteorite that broke up on entering the Earth's atmosphere.

Hes never seen little green men or been beamed into an alien mothership but next week American Astro Political Activist Stephen Bassett will speak at Paddington RSL to help end what he calls the truth embargo on extraterrestrial contact.

The event is part of Mr Bassetts 10- city tour of Australia, following his 19-city tour of Europe last year, through which he explains the history of aliens arriving on Earth and the efforts to keep these visits under wraps.

For 14 years Ive been engaging the UFO ET issue as part of a growing movement to resolve it with full disclosure, Mr Bassett said.

The ET presence is quite real; most of the major governments, or components of these governments, know it and this has been kept from the people for too long.

Mr Bassett said evidence of this was massive with scores of witnesses, photographs, video, radar logs, Freedom of Information documents and high-profile whistleblowers.