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In less than three months, Oran lost about half its population.

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Thus began the first organized incursions against the city which, at the time, numbered 25,000 inhabitants and counted 6,000 fueros.This refuge brought other religious refugees that included both Jews again and Muslims in both 14.On October 24, 1870, with the French dominance, Algerian Jews were given French citizenship with the Cremieux Decree.Presence of the Zianides of Tlemcen and then the Marinid dynasty of Fes.The Oranians grew rich from protection by the Emir, the customs system (tariffs), trade with Marseilles, and the Italian Maritime Republics of Genoa and Venice, with whom, in 1250, Oran signed a commercial treaty for 40 years.Present-day Oran was founded in 903 by Moorish Andalusi traders.

It was captured by the Castilians under Cardinal Cisneros in 1509, and Spanish sovereignty lasted until 1708, when the city was conquered by the Ottomans. However, its value as a trading post had decreased greatly, so King Charles IV sold the city to the Turks in 1792.

A locally popular legend tells that in the period around 900 AD, there were sightings of lions in the area.

The two last lions were killed on a mountain near Oran, and it became known as La montagne des lions ("The Mountain of Lions").

Count Pedro Navarro, on the orders of Cardinal Francisco Jiménez de Cisneros, finally captured the city on May 17, 1509.

The occupying forces set fire to the books and archives of the town. The governor of Oran, Count Alcaudete, allied himself with Moroccan Sultan Mohammed ash-Sheikh against them.

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