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Relative time styles are not currently supported, and behave just like the corresponding non-relative style. If you want more control over the format or parsing, cast the Date Format you get from the factory methods to a Simple Date Format. Simple Date Format is a concrete class used for formatting and parsing dates in a language-independent manner.

Create a date-time formatter using the following methods rather than constructing an instance of Simple Date Format.The exact result depends on the locale, but generally: For more general flexibility, the Date Time Pattern Generator can map a custom selection of time and date fields, along with various display styles for those fields, to a locale-appropriate format that can then be set as the format to use by the Date Format.ICU currently provides limited support for formatting dates using a “relative” style, specified using RELATIVE_SHORT, RELATIVE_MEDIUM, RELATIVE_LONG. As currently implemented, relative date formatting only affects the formatting of dates within a limited range of calendar days before or after the current date, based on the CLDR data: For example, in English, "Yesterday", "Today", and "Tomorrow".46 - Kensington & Chelsea, London Would like to meet serious person with a substance and sense of humour I am interested to meet serious, clever, adventures person with a sense of humour and kind disposition. Telegraph Dating is an online dating service that will help you find women and men like you.Our goal is simple: to add love, romance and fun to the lives of single people.It formats or parses a date or time, which is the standard milliseconds since GMT, Jan. Simple Date Format is the only built-in implementation of Date Format.

It provides a programmable interface that can be used to produce formatted dates and times in a wide variety of formats.

Within this range, the specific relative style currently makes no difference.

Outside of this range, relative dates are formatted using the corresponding non-relative style (SHORT, MEDIUM, etc.).

For some characters, the count specifies whether an abbreviated or full form should be used, but may have other choices, as given below.

Two single quotes represents a literal single quote, either inside or outside single quotes.

In this way, the program is guaranteed to get an appropriate formatting pattern of the locale.