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) ESN Electronic Serial Number ESS Electronic Switching System (landlines) EST Eastern (US) Standard Time ET (1)Extra-terrestrial ET (2)External Tank (NASA) ET (3)Eastern Time (US) ETA Estimated time of arrival ETB End of Transmission Block ETD Estimated time of departure ETLA Extended Three-Letter Acronym (a four-letter acronym) ETOH Alcohol (for some reason, paramedics say the chemical name) ETX End Of Text (ASCII) Eunet European part of UUCP, Unix file transfer network EUR Europe (MWARA) EUV Extreme ultraviolet (can ionize) EW Electronic warfare EWO Emergency War Order EXE Computer file extension: loads as executable EXE2BIN PC program for creating . EXE f Farad (a huge capacitor; usually uf or pf) F Frequency (in Hertz) F/O (1)Fiber optics F/O (2)Follow-on F/V Fishing Vessel F/W Fixed wing (airplane) F0 FM carrier, no modulation, sounds just like A0, now N0N F1B Mode designator: frequency shift keying F2B Mode designator: Audio frequency-shift keying F3C Mode designator: fax F3E Mode designator: FM voice or broadcasting FAA (1)Federal Aviation Administration (US) FAA (2)Foreign Assistance Act FAADC3 Forward Area Air Defense Command, Control, Communications Intelligence System (US Army) FAC Field-Aligned Current, an irregular propagation mode FACSFAC Fleet Area Control & Surveillance Facility (US Navy) FAF French Air Force FAGDS Federation of Astronomical and Geophysical Data Services FAPSI Federal Agcy for Govt Comm & Info (Russian, replaced KGB) FAQ Frequently Asked Questions (Internet/USENET) FAR Federal Aviation Regulations FARP Forward Arming & Refueling Point FAS (1)Frequency Assignment Subcommittee (of IRAC) FAS (2)Federation of American Scientists FAS (3)Frequency Assignment Subcommittee FASC Forward area signal center FAST Fleet Antiterrorist Strike Team (US Marines) FAST NASA Fast Auroral Snapshot Small Explorer satellite FAT File Allocation Table (MS-DOS) FAT32 32-bit File Allocation Table (Newer MS-Windows) FAX Facsimile FB CW brevity code: "Fine Business" (really good) FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation (US) FBO Fixed Base Operator FC funnel cloud FCC Federal Communications Commission FCMP Fleet Composite Broadcast (USCG Honolulu) FCO Federal Coordinating Officer (FEMA) FD Fixed Disk FD (1)Floppy Disk FD (2)Fixed Disk (confusing! Chief of staff, operations and plans (US Army) G4 Asst. of) Health & Human Services HI CW brevity code: a laugh (all dits, easier to send than "HA") Hi-fi High Fidelity (audio) HICOM High Command net (US Navy) HIPAS High-Power Auroral Stimulation HIPPI High Performance Parallel Interface HISCAT High-latitude, High-altitude, High-power, High-frequency, High-performance, Heating and ionospheric Scatter facility (research) HIWAS Hazardous Inflight Weather Advisory Service HM Her Majesty HMCS Her Majesty's Canadian Ship HMMWV High mobility, multipurpose wheeled vehicle (hummvee) HMS Her Majesty's Ship HNG-FEC Hungarian diplo FEC teleprinting system HNMP HF Network Management Protocol HNS Host nation support HOLF Helicopter Outlying Landing Field hp Horsepower HP (1)High Pass (filter circuit) HP (2)Highway Patrol Hpa Hectopascal HPE CW brevity code: "Hope to..." HPI High-Priority Intercept (global HF comint system) HPTS High-Power Transmitting System (TACAMO) HQ Headquarters HQDA Headquarters, Department of the Army hr Hour HRC Harmonically Related Carrier (CATV channel scheme) HRMP HF Relay Management Protocol HRPT High Resolution Picture Transmissions hrs Hours HRT Hostage Rescue Team (FBI) HSSP HF Station Status Protocol HST (1)Hawaiian Standard Time HST (2)Hubble Space Telescope HT (1)Handie-talkie, a hand-held radio HT (2)Horizontal Tab (ASCII) HTML Hypertext Markup Language (world wide web) HTS High Temperature Superconducting HTTP Hyper Text Transmission Protocol (WWW) HTTP-NG HTTP Next Generation HTTPD HTTP Daemon (Unix) HTTPS (1)HTTP Server HTTPS (2)HTTP with Secure Sockets Layer HUMINT Human Intelligence (spies!

I believe that an old "bug" key had this tradename as well. Space Command USSS United States Secret Service USSTRATCOM U. Strategic Command USTA United States Total Army USTRANSCOM United States Transportation Command USVI US Virgin Islands UT (UT0 - UT3) Universal Time scales (corrected constantly) UTB Utility Boat UTC (1)Universal Time, Co-ordinated (corrected with leap sec.) UTC (2)Coordinated Universal Time UTP Unshielded Twisted Pair (hardwired networks) UUCP Unix-to-Unix Copy Program (Unix file transfer s/w) Uudecode Unix program, converts uuencoded files back to binaries Uuencode Unix program, converts binary files to ASCII for transfer uuf Micro-microfarad, now pf (picofarad) u V Microvolt UV Ultraviolet u W Microwatt UWB Ultra Wideband UXB Unexploded Bomb UXO Unexploded Ordnance v Velocity V (1)Voltage (electromotive force) V (2)Variable VA (1) CW prosign: "End of transmission" VA (2) Volt-amps (as in a power supply) VA (3) Veteran's Administration VA volcanic ash VAAA Voice Activated Auto Attendant (telco) VAAT Voice Activated Audio Text (telco) VAB Vehicle Assembly Building (NASA) VABP Voice Activated Blue Pages (telco) VAC Volts Alternating Current VAD Voice-Activated Dialing (telco) VADM Vice-Admiral VAFB Vandenberg Air Force Base (CA) VAIVR Voice Activated Interactive Voice Response (telco) VAL Visiting Aircraft Line VANC Voice-Activated Network Control (telco) VAPD Voice Activated Premier Dialing (telco) VASI Visual Approach Slope Indicator VAX (1)Variable Address Extension (old DEC Computer) VAX (2)English vacuum cleaner brand : ) VAX/VMS VAX Virtual Memory System, op-system for above VBI Vertical Blanking Interval (TV) v BNS Very high speed Backbone service (US) VBR Variable Bit Rate VBS Visual Basic Scripting (Microsoft security nightmare) VC in the vicinity Vcc Collector voltage VDC Volts Direct Current VDE Video Display Editor, at one time standard freeware CP/M & PC text editor VDSL Very-high-bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line VDSL Very high-data-rate Digital Subscriber Line VDT Video Display Terminal VDU Video Display Unit VE Volunteer Examiner (Amateur) VEC Volunteer Examiner Coordinator (Amateur) VENONA Old US codeword for its USSR decryption program 1943-1980 [~] VESA Video Equipment Standards Association, computer displays VESREP Standard report from commercial fishing vessel VF (1)Voice frequency VF (2)Fighter squadron (USN) VFAT Virtual File Allocation Table (MS-Windows) VFO Variable Frequency Oscillator VFR Visual Flight Rules VFT Voice Frequency Telegraph (multiplex RTTY) VHF Very High Frequency (30-300 MHz) vi Visual Editor, full-screen text editor for Unix VICS Vehicle Information Communication System VIN Vehicle Identification Number VIP Very Important Person VIS visibility VISNO visibility at secondary location not available VLB VESA Local Bus, PC display bus, now usually done by the PCI VLF Very Low Frequency (3-30 k Hz) VLM Virtual Loadable Module (Novell) VM (1)Voice mirror VM (2)Virtual memory VMC Visual Meteorological Conditions VMS Virtual Memory System, good but obsolete DEC OS VNA Viet Nam News Agency Vne Absolute top speed of an aircraft; "do not exceed" VOA Voice Of America Vocoder Voice coder VOLMET Flight weather transmission, for planes in route Volt Unit of electrical potential, named for Alessandro Volta VOMUX Voice Multiplexer VOR (1)VHF Omnidirectional Ranging (Aircraft NAVAID) VOR (2)Voice Of Russia VORTAC Ground station combining VOR and TACAN VOX Voice operated switching VR (1)Voltage regulator VR (2)Visual Route (air training route) VRAM Video RAM VRB Variable wind VRC (1)Vehicular Radio Communications (AN/VRC-xxx) VRC (2)Vehicular radio configuration (Army) VRC (3)Vertical Redundancy Check, fancy name for parity (computers) VRML Virtual Reality Modeling Language VROC Vertical rate of climb VSAT Very Small Aperture (Antenna) Terminal VSC Vertical Service Code (telco features - start with *) VSFC Virginia Space Flight Center, Wallops Island vsh Visual Shell, clunky full-screen command interpreter for Unix VSWR Voltage standing wave ratio VT Vertical Tab (ASCII) VTnnn Series of old DEC terminals, still a popular emulation code VTP Virtual Terminal Protocol VTVM Vacuum-tube voltmeter VV Vertical Visibility (of obscured sky) VVV CW test group Vx D Virtual Device Driver (MS-Windows) VXO Variable Crystal Oscillator VY CW brevity code: "Very" W Power, in watts W west W3C World Wide Web Consortium WA CW prosign: word after WABNRES Worldwide Airborne Resources (command a/c) WAC (1)Worked All Continents (amateur award) WAC (2)Women's Army Corps, obsolete WAC (3)World Aeronautical Chart WAD Wide-Area Domain (computer games) WAFS World Area Forecast System, satellite delivered air wx WAGB USCG designation for icebreaker WAGB Icebreaker (USCG) WAIS Wide-Area Information Server WAN Wide-Area Network WAN Wide-Area Network Station WARC World Administrative Radio Conference WARN Weather Amateur Radio Network, see SKYWARN WARP Weather and Radar Processor WAS (1)Wide-Area Surveillance WAS (2)Worked All States (US amateur award) WAS/MTI Wide Area Surveillance/Moving Target Identification WATS Wide Area Telephone Service WAZ Worked All Zones (amateur award) WB (1)CW prosign: word before WB (2)Wideband WB (1)Welcome Back (Internet) WB (2)Warner Bros (Good movie studio, lousy TV network) WBFM Wideband frequency modulation WCRP (1)World Climate Research Program WDC World Data Center, any of several for solar-terrestrial obs WE Western Electric WEFAX Weather Facsimile WFN War Fighter Net WG Working Group (ITU) WG/SO Working Group for Surface Observations WGI World Geophysical Interval (research observation period) WHCA White House Communications Agency WHEC High-Endurance Cutter (USCG) whoami Returns name you are logged in under (Unix) [~] whois Internet lookup program for finding people by querying servers [~] WIFCOM Wirefree communications (US Navy) Wilco Voice prosign: Will comply WIMP (1) Window, Icon, Mouse, Pointer (graphical interface) WIMP (2) Weakly Interacting Massive Particle WINSOCK Windows Sockets API, used for networking from Microsoft s/w WISE Web-Integrated Software metrics Environment WIX USCG designation for training barque Eagle Wkg Working WL Wordlength, size of basic data group (computing) WLB Seagoing Buoy Tender (USCG) WLI Inland Buoy Tender (USCG) WLIC Inland Construction Tender (USCG) WLL wireless local loop WLM Coastal Buoy Tender (Medium Endurance USCG vessel) WLR River Buoy Tender (USCG) WMEC Medium-Endurance Cutter (USCG) WMO World Meteorological Organization WMSCR Weather Message Switching Center Replacement WND wind WNW West-northwest WORM Write-Once Read-Many (CD-R, allows making own CD-ROMs) WPB Patrol Boat (USCG) WPM Words per minute WRC World Radio (Communications) Conference WRTH World Radio TV Handbook WRU Who Are You?Polk, LA) JSC Johnson Space Center, TX JSC Joint Spectrum Center JSF Joint Strike Fighter JSMSw Joint Spectrum Management Spectrum for Windows (software) JSORS Joint Advanced Special OPS Radio System JSTARS Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System, aka "Joint STARS," aircraft heard on HF during Haitian operation JTF Joint Task Force, usually US "War on Drugs" JTF-4 Caribbean drug interdiction unit, out of Key West, part of JIATF-E JTF-5 Pacific coast drug unit, part of JIATF-W JTF-6 South & Central America drug unit, part of JIATF-South JTFEX Joint Task Force Exercise JTIDS Joint Tactical Information Distribution System JU JTIDS Unit (net member, like a "PU" in Link-11) JUH-MTF Joint user handbook for message text format JWICS Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System K (1)1024 (decimal) of anything (loosely from hexadecimal) K (2)CW prosign: "Go Ahead," technically an "Invitation To Transmit" k A thousand of anything, in decimal (short for kilo) K Index Logarithmic, 3-hourly geomagnetic activity reading k/c Kilocycles K/cs Kilocycles per second = kilo Hertz KA9Q Packet radio protocol, from callsign of its inventor [~] KAM Kantronics All-Mode (packet/digital controller) KAWN Identifier attached to AWN weather products, as relayed by several HF stations KB Keyboard k B Kilobit, kilobaud kb/s kilobits per second KBD Keyboard k Bd Kilobaud Kbps Kilobits per second kc Kilocycles per second, now k Hertz KCNA Korean Central News Agency kcs Kilocycles per second, now k Hertz KGB Komitet Gossudarstwennoy Besopasnostij (transliterated from Russian by Klingenfuss), old USSR comint, replaced by FAPSI KH Keyhole, optical recon satellite, KH-12 resembles Hubble k Hz Kilo Hertz KISS Keep it simple, stupid (packet radio mode/engineering golden rule) km kilometer k Mc Kilo-megacycle, now gigahertz knot Nautical mile/hour [~] KNRM Koninklijke Nederlandse Redding Maatschappij (Dutch SAR org.) Kp Planetary K index kph kilometer per hour KSC Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral, FL KSCPAO Kennedy Space Center Public Affairs Office (NASA) ksh Korn shell (Unix) KSR Keyboard Send-Receive kt knot (nautical mile per hour) KT knots Ku-band 12-18 GHz microwave band k V Kilovolt KVA Kilo Volt-Amp(s); can k W in highly reactive circuit k W Kilowatt L Inductance (in Henrys) L left (with reference to runway designation) LA Low altitude Ladar Laser Radar LAN Local Area Network LANL Los Alamos (NM) National Laboratory LANTAREA USCG Atlantic Area LAPD (1)Link Access Procedure D-Channel LAPD (2)Los Angeles Police Department, famous organized crime family LAPM Link access protocol for modems LASER Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation LAST last observation before a break in coverage at a manual station LBA Logical Block Addressing (Disk access) LC Limited Coastal (service) LCAC Landing Craft, Air-Cushioned (large hovercraft) LCC Launch Control Center LCD Liquid Crystal Display LCMP Atlantic Composite Broadcast LCP Link Control Protocol (PPP) LCS Limited Coastal Station LCU Landing Craft, Utility (US Army) LDAP Lightweight Directory Access Protocol LDF Lightweight digital facsimile LDOC Long Distance Operational Control (civil aviation) LDP Landing Decision Point LDR (1)Low Data Rate LDR (2)Loader LDTWA Long Dual Trailing Wire Antenna (TACAMO) LEARN Law Enforcement Amateur Radio Network LEASAT Leased Satellite (US military comm) LED Light Emitting Diode LEO Low Earth Orbit ("Little LEO" = a data satellite) LES Land Earth Station LF (1)Low Frequency (30-300 k Hz) LF (2)Linefeed LFO Low frequency oscillator LG Logistics Group LHCP Left-hand circular polarization Lidar Light Detection & Ranging (light "radar") LIM (1)Lotus/Intel/Microsoft, original spec for PC extended memory LIM (2)Line interface module LINCOMPREX Link Compression and Expansion, an ACSB system LIRL Low Intensity Runway Lights LL Landline, "Lima Lima" LLC (1)Logical Link Control LLC (2)Limited Liability Corporation (US) LLNL Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory LLP Limited Liability Partnership (US) LLWAS Low Level Wind Shear Alert System LMAO Laughing My A-- Off (Internet) LMCC Land Mobile Communications Council LO Local oscillator (of a receiver) LOC (1)lines of communication LOC (2)location LOGCAP Logistics Civil Augmentation Program LOGPAC Logistics package LOI Low Opportunity of Intercept LOJACK Vehicle locator beacon activated & DF'd by police LOL Laughing Out Loud (internet) LORAC LOng Range Long Range Accuracy (NASA booster recovery) LORAN Long Range Navigation LOS (1)Loss Of Signal LOS (2)Line of sight LOTS logistics-over-the-shore LP (1)Long Playing (old records) LP (2)Low pass (filter circuit) LP (3)Linking Protection (US mil ALE security) LPB Logistics preparation of the battlefield LPD Line Printer Daemon LPFM Low-Power FM (broadcasting) LPI Low Probability of Intercept LPM Lines per minute LPR Line Printer LPRS Low-Power Radio Service (FCC) LPT Logistics preparation of the theater LPTV Low-Power TV (broadcasting) LQA Link Quality Analysis (databursts heard from ALE radios) LRA Landing Rights Airport LRC Longitudinal Redundancy Check (computing) LRCOC Long Range Company Operational Control LSB Lower Sideband LSDIS Light and Special Division Interim Sensor (US Army) LSE Logistics support element LSI Large scale integration (of chips) LST (1)Landing ship, tank LST (2)Local Standard Time LSV Logistic Support Vessel (US Army) LTG lightning LTR Letter(s) LTRS Letters case (Baudot lower case) LUF Lowest Usable Frequency (varies with path) LUT Local User Terminal LWR lower LZW Lempel-Ziv-Welch, lossless compression algorithm for data M Mega, meg, a million of anything, or 1,048,576 bytes (hex) m Meter (39.37 inches) M minus, less than M Minus (Below zero C) M-JPEG JPEG used for moving pictures (cf JPEG, MPEG) M/S Motor Ship (also MS, M.S.) m/v Motor Vessel (also MV) M/V Motor Vessel (also m/v) m A milliamperes Mac Macintosh (computer) MAC (1)Military Airlift Command, now AMC MAC (2)Media Access Control (computer networks) MACOM Major command Mac TCP TCP/IP package for Macintosh MAFFS Modular Airborne Fire Fighting System (tank for C-130) MAFOR Maritime weather forecast MAGIS Marine Air-Ground Intelligence System MAN Metropolitan Area Network, halfway between a LAN and a WAN MANPAD Man-Portable Air Defense MAP Maghreb Arabe Presse MAPI Mail/Messaging Applications Programming Interface MAPS Mail Abuse Prevention System (Internet) MARC MAchine Readable Catalog MARO Maritime Air Radio Organization MARS Military Affiliate Radio System (US) MARSA Military Assumes Responsibility for Separation of Aircraft MASER Microwave Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation MASH mobile army surgical hospital, may be obsolete MASM Macro-Assembler (computer code) MATS Military Air Transportation Service, became MAC, now AMC MAU Media Attachment Unit, a network transceiver MAYDAY Prosign: Distress traffic follows; repeated 3 times [~] mb millibar MB Megabyte MBDL Missile Battery Data Link MBKS Multi-Button Key Set (telco) MBO Mailbox MBONE Multicast Backbone Mbps Megabytes per second MBR Master Boot Record ("boot sector") MCA Movement control agency MCC Master Control Center MCC Movement control center MCFB Multi-Channel Fleet Broadcast MCM Mine Countermeasures MCP Multimode Communications Processor (packet) MCS Mission Communications System MCS/P Maneuver Control System/Phoenix (US Army) MCVFT Multichannel Voice Frequency Telegraph (multiplex RTTY) MDT (1)Mobile Data Terminal (usually police) MDT (2)Mountain Daylight Time, US zone includes Rockies med medical MEDAFS Mine Warfare Environmental Data Analysis and Fusion System MEDCOM Medical command MEDICAL Voice prosign attached to c/s of vessel with emergency medical supplies or patients, pronounced MAY-DEE-CAL MEDICO Emergency Medical Communications MEDLOG Medical logistics MEL Maximum Elevation (of a spacecraft) MEMA Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency MERS Mobile Emergency Response Support (FEMA) MET Meterological Met Office Weather office at a base METAR Meteorological observation code for routine aviation METAREA Meteorological Area, same as a NAVAREA (see WMO) METARS Plural of METAR Meteo Meteorological METOC Meteorological and Oceanographic Metro Meteorological office METSAT Meterological Satellite MF (1)Medium Frequency (300-3000 k Hz) MF (2)Multifrequency MFA Ministry of Foreign Affairs MFD Modulated Fractional Division MFM Modified Frequency Modulation (Miller Coding) MFSK Multiple Frequency Shift Keying mgt management MHD Magnetohydrodynamics; behavior of plasmas in magnetic fields, such as the ionosphere and sunspots MHE materials-handling equipment MHS Message Handling System MHz Mega Hertz mi mile (1.6 km) MI Military intelligence, especially in UK MI shallow MI5 Directorate of Military Intelligence, group 5 (domestic) MI6 Directorate of Military Intelligence, group 6 (foreign, aka SIS) MIB Management Information Base MID (1)Middle East (MWARA) MID (2)Maritime Identification Digits, country code prepended to MMSI MID Maritime Identification Digit MIDS Multifunctional Information Distribution System MIFG Shallow Fog MIJI Meaconing, Intrusion, Jamming & Interference ("Jammer writeup") Mil (1) Military Mil (2) Milliampere MIME Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions, allows attachment of binaries to letters MIMS Medical Information Management System min Minute MINIMUF Miniature Maximum Usable Frequency calculator, classic BASIC MUF prediction algorithm MINREX Ministerio de las Relaciones Exteriores (Cuban news agency) MIR Not an acronym; transliteration of Russian for "Peace" MIREX Mir Experiment, amateur robot packet station on Mir MIRL Medium Intensity Runway Lights MIT Massachussetts Institute of Technology mkr Marker ML Machine language, how computers store instructions MLB Motor Lifeboat MLS Microwave Landing System MLSO Mauna Loa Solar Observatory MLT Magnetic Local Time MM Maritime mobile mm Millimeter MMC materiel management center MMS Maritime Mobile Service MMSI Maritime Mobile Service Identity (code for DSC) MMX Multimedia extensions (microprocessor architecture) MNCS Master Net Control Station MNP Modem Network Protocol MOA Military Operation Area Mob Mobile MOC (2)Ministry Of Commerce (Canada) MOC (1)Mission Operation Center MOCA Minimum Obstruction Clearance Altitude Mod Modification (to radio) Mo D Ministry of Defence (UK) Mode A SITOR-A (ARQ) Mode B SITOR-B (FEC) Modem Modulator/Demodulator MOOTW Military operations other than war MOP Measure Of Performance MOPP mission-oriented protection posture (0-4, 4 being full suit) MOS Metallic Oxide Silicon MOSFET MOS Field Effect Transistor MOSS MIME Object Security Services MOTD Message Of The Day MOTIS Message Orientated Text Interchange Service, ISO version of MHS MOV moved/moving/movement MOX Manually Operated Switching MP (1)Military Police (US) MP (2)Member of Parliament (UK) MP (3)Multiprocessor (computer h/w) MP Magnetopause MP3 MPEG Level 3, CD-quality compression scheme MPEG Motion Picture Expert Group, lossy compression for video mph mile per hour MPSA Military Postal Service Agency MPSAP Mobile Public Safery Answering Point MPX Multiplex MR Magnetoresistive MRB Marine Radio Beacon MRC Mobile Radio Communications MRCC Maritime Rescue Coordination Center MRE meal, ready-to-eat MRO medical regulating office MRS Mountain Radio Service MRT Mountain Rescue Team ms millisecond MS Motor Ship MS Master Station MSB main support battalion MSC Military Sealift Command MSC Military Seaflift Command (US) MSE mobile subscriber equipment MSF English standard frequency & time station MSFC NASA Marshall Space Flight Center msg Message MSI Maritime Safety Information MSI Marine Safety Information MSI Maritime Safety Information MSIS Mass Spectrometer Incoherent Scatter (research) MSR main supply route MSS Mobile Satellite Service MST (1)Mountain (US) Standard Time, zone includes Rockies MST (2)Maintenance support team MT Monitoring Times (**the bible**) MT mountains MTA Message Transfer Agent MTBF Mean Time Before Failure MTF medical treatment facility MTI Moving Target Indicator MTMC Military Traffic Management Command mtr Meter, either distance unit or measuring device MTU Maximum Transmit Unit (TCP/IP packet length) MUF Maximum Usable Frequency (varies with path) MUX Multiplex, multiplexer m V Millivolt MV Motor Vessel MVS Multiple Virtual Storage (large IBM computers) MW (1)Medium Wave (typically 530-1710 k Hz) MW (2)Mega Watt m W Milli Watt MWARA Major World Air Route Area MWP Meteorologist Weather Processor MWR Morale, welfare, and recreation mx Music MX Mail Exchange Record MYM My Mailbox (packet) MYP Personal Mailbox (packet) N north N No Change N-ISDN Narrowband ISDN N/A not applicable N0N Unmodulated, steady carrier, old "A0" NA (1)North America NA (2)Not applicable, N/A NA Not authorized NAAS Naval Auxiliary Air Station NAB (1)National Assn of Broadcasters NAB (2)Naval Amphibious Base, USN, Coronado, CA (SEALs train there) NABER National Association of Business/Emergency Radio NADC Naval Air Development Center NADEP Naval Air Depot NADGE NATO Air Defence Ground Environment NAEC Naval Air Engineering Center NAF Naval Air Facility (US) NAFB National Assn of Farm Broadcasters NAK Negative Acknowledgment (error in received data, ASCII 21d) NALF Naval Auxiliary Landing Field NALO Naval Air Logistics Office NAM Number Assignment Module (Cellular) NANP North American Numbering Plan (telco) NAOC National Airborne Operations Center, aka Nightwatch, old NEACP NARTE Natl Assn of Radio & Telecommunications Engineers NARTEL North Atlantic Radiotelephone NAS (1)Naval Air Station NAS (2)National Academy of Sciences (US) NASA (1)National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA (2)National Acronym Slinging Agency NASTD National Association of State Telecommunications Directors NAT (1)North Atlantic (MWARA) NAT (2)Network Address Translation NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization NAV Navigation NAV/COMM Airplane Navigation/Communication radio NAVAID Navigational aid NAVAREA Navigational Area (IMO/IHO) NAVCEN USCG Navigation Center, VA NAVMARCORMARS Navy/Marine Corps Military Affiliate Radio Service (US) NAVMTO Navy Material Transportation Office NAVSAT NAVigation SATellite NAVTEX Navigational Telex, Navigational Text (518 k Hz SITOR-B) NAWC Naval Air Warfare Center NAWC-WPN Naval Air Warfare Center NAWCAD Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division NAWS (1)Naval Air Weapons Station NAWS (2)Old group call: Notice to Allied Warships NB Narrowband NB Noise blanker NBC (1)Nuclear, Biological, Chemical (warfare) NBC (2)National Broadcasting Company NBDP Narrowband direct printing (RTTY) NBDPT Narrowband direct printing telegraphy NBF Net BIOS Frames NBFM Narrowband frequency modulation NBR Narrowband Receiver NBS National Bureau of Standards, now NIST NBSV Narrowband Secure Voice NBSVS Narrowband Secure Voice System NCA (1)North Central Asia (MWARA) NCA (2)National Command Authorities, US nuclear "button" NCAR National Center for Atmospheric Research, CO NCC National Coordinating Center for Telecommunications (US NCS) NCCOSC Naval Command, Control and Ocean Surveillance Center NCDC National Climatic Data Center NCEM National Coordinating Council for Emergency Management, now IAEM NCFSK Non-Coherent Frequency Shift Keying NCIC National Crime Information Center, US database of police records NCO Non-Commissioned Officer NCPi Netware Core Protocol NCR National Cash Register NCS (1)National Communications System, US government NCS (2)Net Control Station NCS (3)Naval Communications Station NCS (4) Network Coordinating Station NCSA National Centre for Supercomputing Applications, developed Mosaic web browser, which became Netscape (Mozilla) NCTSI Navy Center for Tactical Systems Interoperability (US) ND Nondirectional NDB Nondirectional beacon NDIS Network Driver Interface Specification NDS NUDET Detection System, see NUDET NE Northeast NEACP National Emergency Airborne Command Post, "kneecap," now NAOC NECN National Emergency Coordination Network NERC North American Electric Reliability Council (bulk power delivery) NERK Old CW group call, obsolete NESDIS National Environmental Satellite, Data and Information Service NEST Nuclear Emergency Search Team ("Flynest") NET/ROM Network packet radio protocol Net BEUI Net BIOS Extended User Interface Net BIOS Network Basic Input/Output System NFCC National Frequency Coordinators' Council NFR Navy Fleet Relay (USN secure satcom) NFS Network File System NGO Nongovernmental organization NHC National Hurricane Center NIC (1)Network Interface Card NIC (2)Network Information Center Ni Cad Nickel Cadmium (battery) Ni Cd Nickel Cadmium (battery) NICP National inventory control point NIEX No-Notice Interoperability Exercise (NATO) NIFC National Interagency Fire Center (US forest fire resources) NIFTP Network Independent File Transfer Protocol NIL CW prosign: "No traffic" or "I copy nothing" NIMBY Not In My Back Yard (place people want radio towers) Ni MH Nickel-metal hydride (battery) Ni Mh Nickel-Metal-Hydride (battery) NIMS Naval Ionospheric Measuring System (UK) Niner Number nine, to distinguish from five NIPRNET Non-Classified Internet Protocol Router Network (sensitive military net) NIS Network Information System NISO National Information Standards Organisation (US) NISP Networked Information Services Project (UK) NISS National Information on Software and Services (UK) NIST National Institute of Standards & Technology (old NBS) NLM Netware Loadable Module (extension of Novell Netware) NLSP Netware Link Services Protocol nm Nautical Mile; about 1.24 statute miles Nm Nautical Mile (1.85 km) NMA US Coast Guard COMMSTA, Miami, now controlled from CAMSLANT NMC (1)National Meteorological Center NMC (2)Call of US Coast Guard CAMSPAC Pt Reyes, CA NMEA National Marine Electronics Assn NMF US Coast Guard COMMSTA, Boston, will be ctld from CAMSLANT NMG US Coast Guard COMMSTA, New Orleans, will be ctrld from CAMSLANT NMN US Coast Guard CAMSLANT Chesapeake, VA NMO US Coast Guard COMMSTA, Honolulu NNCC National Network Control Center (FAA) NNE North-northeast nnnn RTTY/Telex ending characters NNTP Network News Transfer Protocol (USENET) NNW North-northwest NOAA National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration NOC Network Operation Center NOE Nap-Of-the- Earth (low altitude attack) NOI Notice Of Inquiry (FCC rulemaking) NOJ US Coast Guard COMMSTA, Kodiak NORAD North American Aerospace Defense Command NORDO (1)No Radio NORDO (2)Aircraft has no radio (uses visual signals to tower) NORLANT North Atlantic norm normal NOS (1)Amateur version of TCP/IP (Internet protocols) NOS New, Old-Stock (wine or vacuum tubes) NOS (2)National Ocean Service NOSC Naval Ocean Systems Center, San Diego, CA, now NCCOSC NOSIG No Significent Weather NOSPECI no SPECI reports are taken at the station NOTAM Notice to Airmen NP North Pacific (MWARA) NPA Notice of Proposed Amendment NPN Negative/Positive/Negative; transistor type NPR National Public Radio (US) NPRM Notice of Proposed Rule Making (FCC) NPS National Park Service (US) NPSTC National Public Safety Telecommunications Council NRa D Naval Research and Development (US) NRAO National Radio Astronomy Observatory NRC (1)National Radio Club NRC (2)Nuclear Regulatory Commission (US) NREN National Research and Education Network, faster Internet successor for research sites NRI Net radio interface NRL Naval Research Laboratory (US) NRO National Reconnaissance Office (operates US spy satellites) NRV US Coast Guard COMMSTA, Guam, controlled from CAMSPAC NRWATS Naval Rotary Wing Aircraft Test Squadron NRZ Nonreturn to Zero NRZL Return To Zero Level NRZM Nonreturn To Zero Mark NRZS Nonreturn To Zero Space NS Node switch NS/EP National Security/ Emergency Preparedness NSA (1)National Security Agency (US intercept and crypto) NSA (2)No Such Agency (NSA used to "not exist") NSA (3)Never Say Anything (NSA secrecy policy) NSAP Network Service Address Point NSAWC Naval Strike and Air Weapons Center (replaces "Top Gun") NSE National Support Element NSF National Science Foundation (US) NSFNET National Science Foundation Network, old Internet backbone NSK Narrowband shift keying NSTAC National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee (US) n T Nanotesla (unit of magnetic flux=1n Weber/m) NT Not Tested NTA (1)National Telecommunications Alliance (NCS) NTA (2)National telecom administration (ITU member bodies) NTCN National Telecommunication Coordination Network NTIA National Telecommunications and Information Administration NTM Notice to Mariners NTMS National Telecommunications Management Structure (national emergency plan) NTN NATO Track Number NTS (1)National Traffic System, amateur message network NTS (2)Naval Telecommunications System NTSC (1)National Television Standards Committee (US TV standard) NTSC (2)Never The Same Color (result of using above) NTT Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (Japanese "FCC") NUC Nuclear NUCINT Nuclear Intelligence NUCO Numerical Code (US Navy) NUDET Nuclear detonation NUKO Old group call: To All Ships Receiving MERCAST NUL Nothing (ASCII 0000) NVG Night-Vision Goggles NVIC Navigation & Vessel Inspection Circular NVRAM Nonvolatile Random Access Memory NW (1)CW brevity code: "Now," or "New" NW (2)Northwest NWR NOAA Weather Radio NWS (1)National Weather Service (US) NWS (2)Naval Weapons Station NWSFO National Weather Service Forecst Office nx News NYSEMO New York State Emergency Management Office O&O Owned & Operated (by broadcast network) o/l Online O/R On request O/R Address Originator/Recipient Address O/S Out of service OARNET Ohio Academic Resources Network OASD/C3I Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for command, control, communications and intelligence OBS Ship weather report in standard form OCA Oceanic Control Area OCC Operations Control Center (Centre) OCD (1)Office of Civilian Defense, obsolete OCD (2)Operations Control Division OCNL occasional OCONUS Outside Continental United States OCOT Office of the Chief of Transportation (US Army) OCR (1)Optical Character Recognition OCR (2)Optically Coupled Regenerative OD (1)Officer of the Day OD (2)Overdose ODBC Open Data Base Connectivity (Microsoft) ODMP Orbiter Maintenance Down Period (NASA) OE Operating Expense OEI One Engine Inoperative OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer OFCM Office of the Federal Coordinator for Meteorology OFP Operational Flight Program OG Operations Group OHD overhead OIC Officer In Charge OLF Outlying Landing Field (US Navy) OLTP On-Line Transaction Processing (IBM) OLX OLE Custom Control (MS made it up... QRM Interference QRN Noise QRO (1)High power operation QRO (2)Please increase power QRP (1)Low power operation QRP (2)Please reduce power QRP (3)Quick Reaction Package (US Army vehicle) QRQ Please increase code sending speed QRR Old land distress call, now SOS, MAYDAY, or QRRR QRRR Old land distress call QRS Please reduce transmission speed QRT (1)Station has ceased transmitting QRT (2)Please cease transmitting QRU I have no traffic for you QRU? QRV I am ready (go with your traffic) QRX Please standby QSA Signal strength QSB Fading QSD Your keying is defective QSK Duplex CW ("break-in") QSL (1)A card or letter confirming reception of a radio station QSL (2)Acknowledgment of transmission, a fancy "roger" QSO Communications between two or more stations QST (1)General call: "Hello all amateurs" QST (2)Ham radio magazine published by ARRL QSTAG Qadripartite Standardization Agreement QSV Send Vs QSX I am listening on...DOS (5)Denial of Service (attack) DOT Department of Transportation (US) DOW Doppler On Wheels (storm chasing radar equipment) DPG Defense Planning Guidance DPSK Differential Phase-Shift Keying dpx Duplex DQPSK Differential Quadrature Phase-Shift Keying DR low drifting DRAC Dynamic Relay Authorisation Control DRAM Dynamic Random Access Memory DRE Drug Recognition Expert DRFMU Digital Radio Frequency Memory Unit DRSN Defense RED Switch Network DS Direct support DS Dust storm DSA Division support area DSB Double sideband DSC Digital Selective Calling (GMDSS) DSL Digital Subscriber Line DSLAM Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer DSM Digital Switching Module DSN Defense Switched Network (old AUTOVON) DSNT distant DSOR Depot Source of Repair DSP Digital signal processing DSR Data Set Ready (Serial I/O primary handshaking line) DSS Digital Satellite System Dst Disturbance Storm Time, equatorial magnetospheric activity index DSTO Defence Science & Technology Organisation (Australia) DSVD Digital Simultaneous Voice and Data DSW Russian CW brevity code: "Daswedanya" (Goodbye) DT (1)District T (USCG) DTAC Division tactical command post DTE Data Terminal Equipment (computers, workstations, dumb terminals) DTG Date time group (typically ddhhmm mon yy tz) DTM Data Text Message DTMF Dual Tone Multi Frequency (like telco "touch tone") DTMF-RA Dual Tone Multi-Frequency - Remote Access DTO Division tactical operations center DTR Data Terminal Ready (Serial I/O primary handshaking line) DTS Data Terminal Set DU widespread dust DUP-ARQ Hungarian diplomatic teleprinting system DUPE CW prosign: message or contact is a duplicate DUT1 UTC correction interval to get UT1 DV Distinguished Visitor DVA Department of Veterans Administration DVD Digital Versatile Disk DVFR Defense Visual Flight Rules DVI Digital Video Interface DVM Digital Voltmeter DVMT Dynamic Video Memory Technology DVP (1)Distinguished Visitor Protocol (US Air Force DVP (2)Digital Voice Protection (Motorola DES mode) DW Deutsche Welle DX (1)Distant Transmitter.The distance can be either geographic or psychological.SPF Shortest Path First SPI Service Provider Interface SPINCOM Special Intelligence Communications Spkr Speaker SPL Sound Pressure Level SPL/1 High-Order Signal Processing Language #1 SPO Security, plans, and operations SPOD Seaport of debarkation SPS Spectrum Planning Subcommittee (of IRAC) SPSS Space Surveillance Squadron Spt Support SPX Sequenced Packet Exchange SQ squalls sqdn Squadron SQL Structured Query Language (computer databases) SR Special Reconnaissance (SR-71 "Blackbird") SRA Specialized repair activity SRAM Static Random Access Memory SRB Solid-Rocket Booster(s), NASA Space Shuttle, recovered by BRV SRMS Smart Resource Management System SRWBR Short Range Wide Band Radio SS (1)Transmission is in Spanish SS (2)Sandstorm SSA Supply support activity SSB Single Sideband SSC Sudden Storm Commencement (geophysics) SSE South-southeast SSF Southern Straits of Florida SSG The Space Systems Group SSI Server Side Includes (web) SSI Space Science Institute SSID Secondary Station Identifier (packet) SSL Secure Sockets Layer (encrypted TCP/IP computer networking) SSN (1) Sunspot Number SSN (2) Nuclear Submarine (US Navy) SSN Social Security Number (same as TIN - FCC forms) SSOM Spanish language numbers transmission, male voice SSPAR Solid State Power Amplifier-Receiver SSR (1)Secondary Surveillance Radar SSR (2)Soviet Socialist Republic (obsolete) SSR/IFF Secondary Surveillance Radar/Identification Friend or Foe SSRAM Synchronous Static Random Access Memory SSRC Single Sideband, Reduced Carrier SSSC Single Sideband, Suppressed Carrier SST (1)Supersonic Transport (aircraft) SST (2)Sea Surface Temperature SSTV Slow Scan Television SSW South-southwest SSYL Spanish language numbers transmission, female voice ST Send Timing (EIA-449) STA (1)Status (packet) STA (2)Special Temporary Authority (from FCC, to do something) STAJ Short Term Anti-Jam (makes gurgling noise on-air) STAMIS Standard Army Management Information System STANAG Standardization Agreement (NATO) STAR SHARES Transportable Auxiliary Radio STARC State Area Command (Army NG) STARS Secure Tactical Army Radio System STARS-V Secure Tactical Army Radio System-VHF STAT Old CP/M status command, replaced in version 3.0 STCICS Strike Command Integrated Communications System (RAF) STD (1)Standard STD (2)Solar-Terrestrial Dispatch, Canadian auroral warning center STG Satellite Tracking Group STK Strike Control Stn Station STP Shielded Twisted Pair (cable) STPD standard temperature, pressure, dry STRATCOM U. Strategic Command STS Space Transport System, the "Space Shuttle" STSA Standard Telemedicine System Architecture STT Shore Targeting Terminal STU Secure Telephone Unit STU-III Secure Telephone Unit, Third Generation STX Start Of Text (ASCII) SUB Substitute (ASCII) SUNA Sudan News Agency Super DARN Super Dual Auroral Radar Network suppl supplement SURFnet Dutch academic network SUV Sport-Utility Vehicle SV-CW-C Greek Telegraphy Club, aka GTC svcs services SVP (1)Single Line Variety Package (telco) SVP (2)Si Vous Plait ("If you please" in French) SW (1)Shortwave (high frequency - HF) SW (2)Southwest SWBC Short Wave Broadcasting SWED-ARQ Swedish ARQ teleprinter system, used by that country SWG Short Wave Fadeout (ionospheric disturbance) SWI Special World Interval, unscheduled radio astronomy observation period caused by solar event SWL Shortwave Listener SWR (1)Standing Wave Ratio SWR (2)Surface-Wave Radar SWS Standard Workstation (US Coast Guard) SX (1) Simplex SX (2) Old Hallicrafters prefix, usually meant radio had xtal filter SYN Synchronous Idle SYNOP Synoptic weather reports (from surface observations) Sysop System Operator, the king on a BBS t Time (in seconds) T (1)US Coast Guard C3 office, DC; aka G-T T (2)Boston transit system T-Plex 8-frequency duplex ARQ teleprinter system T/R Transmit/Receive switching T1 Relatively high speed data connection over phone line tac tactical TAC Tactical Air Command, now ACC TAC Technical Advisory Committee TACACS Terminal Access Controller Access Control System TACAMO Take Charge And Move Out (US Navy CP aircraft) TACAN Tactical Air Navigation TACC (1)Tanker/Airlift Command Center (US AMC) TACC (2)Tactical Aircraft Control Center (US) TACFIRE Tactical fire direction system TACS Terminal Access Conversion Service (UK) TACS Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System TACSAT Tactical satellite TACSATCOM tactical satellite communications TADIL Tactical Digital Information Link (US) TAF Terminal Area Forecast, weather at airports, like on VOLMET TAI International Atomic Time TAL Transoceanic Abort Landing (space shuttle) TALCE Tanker Air Lift Control Element TANJUG Old Yugoslav news agency TAO Tactical Action Officer TAOC Tactical Air Operations Center TAP Telocator Alphanumeric Protocol (paging) TAPR Tuscon (AR) Amateur Packet Radio, ham software source tar Tape Archive, Unix backup/archive program TAS True Air Speed TASMA Two-meter Area Spectrum Management Assn. (RTTY) WSHFT wind shift WSM Weapon system manager WSMR White Sands Missile Range (NM) WSO Weapon Systems Officer ("Whizzo") WSRO Weapon system replacement operations WSTF White Sands Test Facility (NM) WSW West-southwest WT (1)Walkie-talkie WT (2)Wireless Telegraph (Morse or RTTY) WTB (1)Wireless Telecommunications Bureau (FCC) WTB (2)Want To Buy (radio swap ads) WTGB 140' Icebreaking Tug (USCG) WU Western Union WUN World Utility News, Internet group, maintains large e-mail list, rhymes with "one" WW Weather Warning WWABNCPP Worldwide Airborne National Command Post Program WWMCCS Worldwide Military Command and Control System, obsolescent WWV NIST standard frequency & time station, Boulder, CO WWVB NIST Boulder, CO, low frequency standard broadcast WWVH NIST standard frequency & time station, Kekaha, HI WWVL Old NBS low-frequency time stn, no longer on air WWW World Wide Web, aka W3, www, Web, World Wide Wait Wx Weather WYSIWYG What You See Is What You Get (computers) X (1) Reactance, in ohms X (2)(Also "Xray") prosign for end of sentence X-band (1)8-12 GHz microwave band X-band (2)Expanded AM band, 1610-1720 k Hz X-windows Standard windowing system for networks (usually Unix) [~] XCHS Extended Cylinder, Head, Sector (addressing) xcvr Transceiver xfmr Transformer xistor Transistor xmit Transmit mode XML Extensible Markup Language XMODEM Async file transfer protocol, uses 128-byte or 1K packets, over direct links, not Internet XMS Expanded Memory System (IBM PC, different spec from EMS) xmsn Transmission xmt Transmit mode xmtr Transmitter XO Executive officer Xon/Xoff Computer serial flow control, usually using DC3/DC1 (^S/^Q) xponder Transponder XSL Extensible Style Language XT Extra Value (PC-XT was first IBM PC with a hard disk; obsolete) xtal Crystal XTP e Xpress Transfer Protocol (computers) XXX (1)CW prefix: traffic is urgent (same as SECURITE) [~] XXX (2)Set of standards for X.25 PAD packet networking XYL Wife ("ex-young lady") Y2K Year 2000, or resulting computer bugs (geekspeak) YAHOO Yet Another Heirarchical Officious Oracle; may be a back-formation, as guys who started Yahoo!

(Amateur) TAW Tactical airlift wing TAWC Tactical Air Warfare Center TBD To Be Determined TCAS Traffic (Alert) & Collision Avoidance System TCC Telecommunications center TCF Tactical combat force TCH Threshold Crossing Height TCP Transmission Control Protocol TCP/IP Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol TCPOD Tropical Cyclone Plan Of the Day TCS Tactical Control System TCU Towering Cumulus TD (1)Transmitted Data, short for TXD TD (2)Transmitter/Distributor (old RTTY) TDA Table of distribution and allowances TDD Time Delay Distortion TDM Time-Division Multiplex TDMA Time Division Multiple Access TDP Takeoff Decision Point TDY Temporary duty ("to go TDY") TEC Total electron content (of ionosphere) TEC Total Electron Content (of ionospheric region) TECG Tactical Exercise Control Group TEI Text Encoding Initiative Telco Telephone Company ("The phone company") Telcom Telephone communication Telecom Telecommunication Teletext Short text messages, usually in TV blank interval TELINST Telecommunications Instructions Telnet Internet or dialup protocol for remote login TEMPEST Telecommunications Electronics Material Protected from Extraneous Spurious Transmissions (secure enclosure for computers, etc.; prevents eavesdropping) TEMPO Temporary weather change TERPES Technical Electronic Processing and Evaluation System TESTM Metar Test Message TEXN Traffic Exchange Network (MARS) Tfc Traffic tfc Traffic TFE Tactical field exchange TFEO Tactical field exchange officer TFW Tactical Fighter Wing THAAD Theater High Altitude Area Defense THD Total Harmonic Distortion (audio, in %) THREATCON Threat Condition (Alpha, Bravo...) TIA (1)Telecommunication Industry Association (UK) TIA (2)Thanks in advance TIA (3)The Internet Adaptor, clever SLIP emulator from dialup shell TIBS Tactical Information Broadcast System TIFF Tagged Image File Format, versatile computer graphic standard TIN Taxpayer Identification Number (same as SSN - FCC forms) TIS (1)Traveler's Information Station TIS (2)Trusted Information System TIS (3)This Is (ALE) TISCOM Telecom & Information Systems Command, VA (USCG) TKAP Transmitter Keep-Alive Program TLA Three-Letter Acronym (NASAspeak for NASAspeak) TMDE Test, measurement, and diagnostic equipment TMMMC Theater medical materiel management center tms Teams TN ("Tango November") Track number (ASW) TN3270 Telnet for IBM mainframes, emulates old 3270 terminal TNC Terminal Node Controller (packet) TOA Time Of Arrival TOC Tactical Operations Center TOD time of day TOE (1)Table(s) of organization and equipment TOE (2)Theory of everything (physics) TOR Teleprinting (or Telex) over Radio TOW Wire-guided missile TPFDD Time-phased force and deployment data TPO Transmitter power output TPR Third-Party Relay TPRAM Triple Port RAM TRACAB Terminal RAdar control in the tower CAB TRACON Terminal Radar Approach Control TRADOC United States Army Training and Doctrine Command trans Transportation TRANSCOM Transportation Command TRC (1)Tactical Radio Communication TRC (2)Transmission Release Code TRI-TAC Joint Tactical Communications trmt Treatment TRSA Terminal Radar Service Area TRUEX Training in Urban Environment Exercise (USMC) TS thunderstorm TSC Technical Subcommittee (of IRAC) TSCM Technical surveillance countermeasures (antibugging) TSGT Technical Sergeant TSNO thunderstorm information not available TSOP Thin Small Outline Package TSP (1)Telecommunications Support Plan (NCS) TSP (2)Telecommunications Service Priority (NCS) TSR Terminate and Stay Resident (IBM programming) TSSR Tropospheric Scatter (TROPO)-Satellite Support Radio TTL (1)Transistor-Transistor Logic TTL (2)Time To Live (of Internet packets) TTP Trusted Third Party (for authentication of public keys) TTT CW prefix: Distress call follows TTWCS Tactical Tomahawk Weapon Control System TTY Teletype TTYL Talk (Type) To You Later (Internet) TU (1)CW brevity: Thank you TU (2)Terminal unit (old current-loop RTTY) TU Terminal Unit (RTTY) TUBA TCP and UDP with Bigger Addresses (possible Internet extension) TV Television TVA Tennessee Valley Authority (big dam operator) TVI Television interference TWA (1)Trailing-wire antenna (USN ELF/Tacamo) TWA (2)Trans World Airways TWAIN (1)Toolkit Without An Important Name (Standard graphic scanner interface) TWAIN (2)Technology Without An Interesting Name TWAS This Was (ALE) TWEB Transcribed Weather Broadcast Twinplex Four-frequency duplex teleprinter system TWR tower tx Transmitter, talk TXD Transmitted Data (Serial I/O modem line) txt (1)Extension: file is unformatted ASCII text (computers) txt (2)Text U CW brevity code: "You" U Up U-ATA Ultra-AT Attachment U/L (1) Uplink U/L (2) Upload u A Microamp UA (1)Packet control frame: Unnumbered Acknowledgement UA (2)User Agent (Internet) UART Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter (computer) UAV Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (USAF) UDP User Datagram Protocol, type of Internet packet good for streaming UDT (1)Universal Dataflow and Telecommunications UDT (2)Underwater Demolition Team, crack USN WWII unit uf Microfarad UFN Until Further Notice UFO (1)Unidentified Flying Object UFO (2)UHF Follow On, new Navy COMSAT UGR Unitized group ration UHF Ultra High Frequency (300-3000 MHz) UI Packet designator: Unnumbered Information UID User Identification UIDL User Initiated Download UIDL User Initiated Download UIN Universal Internet Number (ICQ) UK United Kingdom UKADGE UK Air Defense Ground Environment UKCC United Kingdom Control Center UKMACCS United Kingdom Maritime Coastal Communications System UKNET UK network for UUCP UKSOF UK Satellite operations facility, part of NATO UL (1)Upload UL (2)Unauthorized launch UL (3)Underwriters' Laboratories ULS Universal Licensing System (FCC) UMT Unit ministry team UN United Nations uncl unclassified UNCLASS Message is not classified [~] UNCLOS United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea UNF (1) UN Forces UNF (2) Unformatted UNHCR UN High Commission for Refugees UNI User Network Interface Unid Unidentified Uniden Unidentified UNIFIL UN Interim Forces, Lebanon Univac Universal Automatic Computer, once IBM's main competition Unix Not an acronym; computer op-system derived from MULTICS [~] Unk Unknown UNO United Nations Organization UNPROFOR UN Provisional Forces UNSCOM UN Special Commission (Iraq inspectors) UP (1)CW prosign: "change to working frequency" UP (2)unknown precipitation UPS (1)Uninterruptible Power Supply UPS (2)United Parcel Service UR CW brevity code: "Your" Ureq User request (computer return code) URL Universal Resource Locator (World Wide Web) URSI International Union of Radio Science URSIGRAM Coded solar-terrestrial report, originally from URSI US (1)United States US (2 )Unit Separator (ASCII) USA (1)United States of America USA (2)US Army USA (3)Underground Service Alert ("dial before you dig") USA (4)Unit self-assessment USACE US Army Corps of Engineers USAF US Air Force USAFA US Air Force Academy USAFAWC US Air Force Air Warfare Center USAFE US Air Forces, Europe USAMMA US Army Medical Materiel Agency USAR (1)Urban Search & Rescue USAR (2)US Army Reserve USAREUR US Army, Europe USARSPACE US Army Space Command, part of USSPACECOM USART Universal Synchronous/Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter USASC US Army Signal Command USASCH US Army Support Command Hawaii USASDC U. Army Strategic Defense Command, now USASSDC USASI US Army Space Institute USASSDC US Army Space and Strategic Defense Command, formerly USASDC USAV US Army Vessel USAWC US Army War College USB (1)Upper Sideband USB (2)Universal Serial Bus USC (1)United States Codes (Federal statute law) USC (2)Unified Space Command, now USSPACECOM USC (3)Up S[pit] Creek USCENTCOM US Central Command USCG US Coast Guard USCGA US Coast Guard Auxiliary USCGC US Coast Guard Cutter USCGR US Coast Guard Reserve USCS US Customs Service USCSIS United States Space Command Space Intelligence System USD US Dollars USDA US Department of Agriculture USELMNORAD US element, North American Aerospace Defense Command USENET "User Network," huge volunteer organization that propagates "News," not necessarily over Internet USEUCOM US European Command USFJ US Forces, Japan USFS US Forest Service USFWS US Fish and Wildlife Service USG (1)US Gallons (about 4 liters) USG (2)US Government USGS US Coast & Geodetic Survey USIA US Information Agency USLANTCOM US Atlantic Command USM US Marshal USMA US Military Academy USMC US Marine Corps USMCR US Marine Corps Reserve USMS US Marshals Service USMTF United States Message Text Format USN US Navy USNA US Naval Academy USNG US National Guard USNO US Naval Observatory USNR (1) US Naval Reserve USNR (2) US Navy, Retired USO United Service Organizations USOS Unshift On Space USP University of the South Pacific (Fiji, classes by radio) USPACOM United States Pacific Command USPS (1)United States Postal Service USPS (2)US Power Squadrons USS United States Ship USSOCOM US Special Operations Command USSOUTHCOM U. style themselves as just yahoos YF CW brevity code: "Wife," more typically "XYL" YL Female voice ("Young Lady") YMMV Your Mileage May Vary (cardinal rule of HF) YMODEM Along with YMODEM-G, improved async file transfer protocol [~] Z (1)Zulu time, standard time on 0 meridian, like UT Z (2)Impedance (in ohms) Z (3)This message has FLASH precedence Z-80 8-bit processor chip, still made ZCPR3 Small Z-80 operating system, improved on CP/M, obsolete Police/CB 10-codes: 10-1 Your signals are being received poorly 10-2 Your signals are loud & clear 10-3 Stop transmitting 10-4 Your message is received ("Roger;" saying both is redundant) 10-5 Please relay 10-6 Station is busy 10-7 Out of service, radio off 10-8 In service, available 10-9 Please repeat message 10-10 Out of service, radio on 10-19 Go back to station/HQ 10-20 Location ("What's your 20?

Utility World tries to slog through all the alphabet soup and write in good old English. Decode our lapses thusly: Acronym Definition FC Tornado on the ground // Parallel transmission (simulcast) on -- /// Cloud layer below observing station 1 LT first lieutenant 2 LT second lieutenant 220SMA 220 (MHz) Spectrum Management Assn (Amateur) 2600 (1)2600 Hz, audio frequency used for US telephone idle tones 2600 (2)Hack/Phreak magazine, named in honor of above 2600 (3)Use of tone-spoofing equipment to control phone switches; now a good way to get caught phreaking and go to jail 2G ALE Second generation automatic link establishment 32BDA 32-Bit Disk Access (Windoze) 3F Three-figure code groups (mixed or all numbers) 3FG Three-figure code groups 3G ALE Third generation automatic link establishment 3G-TM Third Generation Traffic Management Protocol 3L Three-letter code groups 3LG Three-letter code groups 4F Four figure code groups (mixed or all numbers) 4FG Four figure code groups 4L Four-letter code groups 4LG Four-letter code groups 5 by 5 (1) Signal report: readability 5, strength 5 5 by 5 (2) Signal report: you are loud and clear 5F Five-figure code groups (mixed or all numbers) 5FG Five-figure code groups 5L Five-letter code groups 5LG Five-letter code groups 73 Old telegraphy slang: "Best regards" 81-81 Strange Russian teleprinting system, popular in Cuba 88 Old telegraphy slang: "Love and kisses" 89/336/EEC European electromagnetic compatibility directive A Altimeter setting A Index 24-hour magnetic activity index, lower=better A&P Airframe & Powerplant, U. aircraft mechanic certificate a/c Aircraft A/G Air to ground A0 AM carrier with no modulation, now N0N A1 (Alpha-1) Aircraft maintenance status: no writeups; plane OK A1A Morse telegraphy for aural copy, i.e.

"CW" A2 (Alpha-2) Status: write up non-mission-critical system A2A Modulated CW telegraphy for aural copy, i.e.

of North American Radio Clubs ANDVT Advanced Narrowband Digital Voice Terminal ANG Air National Guard ANGB Air National Guard Base ANL Automatic noise limiter ANMCC Alternate National Military Communications Center (?

)-WAR 46 Annmt Announcement Annr Announcer ANS Advanced Network Services, operates an Internet backbone ANSI American National Standards Institution ant Antenna ANZUK Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom (alliance) ANZUS Australia, New Zealand, United States (alliance) AO Area of operations AO1 automated station without precipitation discriminator AO2 automated station with precipitation discriminator AOE Airport of Entry AOI Area of interest AOO Area of operations AOR (1)Area of responsibility AOR (2)Atlantic Ocean Region (USCG GMDSS) AOS Acquisition Of Signal Ap Planetary A index of geomagnetic activity APC Armored personnel carrier APCO Association of Public Safety Communications Officials APCO 25 New standard for digital public safety radio API Application Programming Interface (computers) APIC APCO Project 25 Interface Committee APL A Programming Language (computer code) APLink Amtor-Packet Link APNIC Asia Pacific Network Information Centre APO (1)Air Post Office APO (2)Army Post Office APOD Aerial port of debarkation APOE Aerial port of embarkation APPCON Approach Control APRNT apparent APRS Automatic Packet Reporting System, ham vehicle location w/GPS APRX approximately APSC APCO Project 25 Steering Committee APT Automatic Picture Transmissions APU Auxiliary Power Unit AQC Automatic Quick Call AR (1) Aerial refueling AR (2) Ground track for above AR (3) CW prosign: "End of message" AR (4) Army Regulation ARA Appletalk Remote Access, Mac networking ARB Air Reserve Base ARC (1)American Red Cross ARC (2)Airborne Radio Communications (AN/ARC-xxx) ARC-190 Common Collins mil HF aircraft radio, civil version is HF-190 ARC-220 Fancy Collins HF radios for new US mil aircraft ARC-230 Collins 400-watt HF Link-11/Tadil-A aircraft radio, civil voice version is HF-121 ARCAL Aircraft Radio Control of Aerodrome Lighting Archie Internet database search program, finds files ARDF (1)Automatic Radio Direction Finding AREC (1)Air resource element coordinator AREC (2)Amateur Radio Emergency Corps, now ARES ARES Amateur Radio Emergency Service ARF Air Reserve forces ARFA Allied Radio Frequency Agency ARFOR Army forces ARG Amphibious Ready Group ARIA Advanced Range Instrumentation Aircraft ARIN American Registry for Internet Numbers ARINC Aeronautical Radio, Inc (US radio consortium) ARISS Amateur Radio on the International Space Station ARM Anti-radiation missile ARNG Army National Guard ARO Army Research Office ARP Address Resolution Protocol, Internet ARPA Advanced Research Projects Agency, operated original Internet ARPANET ARPA Network, became NSFNET, now separate from Internet ARQ Synchronous transmission and automatic repetition teleprinter system ("Acknowledge Request") ARQ-E3 Single channel ARQ teleprinter system ARQ6-90 Six-character blocks simplex ARQ teleprinter system ARRL American Radio Relay League ARRS Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Service ARSA Airport Radar Service Area ARSOF Army special operations forces ARTCC Air Route Traffic Control Center ARW Air Refueling Wing (USAF/AFRES) AS (1) Air station AS (2) CW prosign: "Please Wait" AS (3) Analog secure (like original PARKHILL) AS (4)Submarine Tender (USN) ASA American Standards Association, obsolete ASAP As Soon As [humanly] Possible; how one handles FLASH traffic ASAS All Source Analysis System (US Army) ASAS-RWS ASAS Reconfigurable Work Station ASB Aviation support battalion ASC (1)AUTODIN Switching Center ASC (2)Accredited Standards Committee (ANSI) ASC (3)American Society of Cameramen (motion picture) ASCC Army service component command ASCIET All Services Combined Identification Evaluation Team ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange, 7-bit computer alphabet, usually extended to use 8th bit ASCOT Air Support Command Operations Task (RAF Air Transport) ASEAN Association of South East Asian Nations (old SEATO) ASG Area support group ASG Aeronautical Standards Groups ASIO Australian Security Intelligence Organisation ASL Above Sea Level ASLAR Aircraft Surge Launch and Recovery ASM Assembler (computer code) ASM Analog Switching Module ASMB Area support medical battalion ASMC Area support medical company ASME American Society for Mechanical Engineers ASMRO Armed Services Medical Regulating Office ASO Air surveillance officer ASOS Automatic Surface Observation System ASOTSE Army special operations theater support element ASP (1)Ammunition supply point ASP (2)Acquisition Support Plan ASP (3)Active Server Pages ASR Automatic Send-Receive Assn Association Assoc Association AST Atlantic Standard Time, Canada ASTM American Society for Testing and Materials ASU Aircraft Starting Unit ASW Anti-submarine warfare AT Advanced Technology (IBM's original name for its improved PC, now a standard architecture) ATA AT Attachment ATAPI AT Attachment Packet Interface ATC Air Traffic Control ATCCS Army Tactical Command & Control System ATCT airport traffic control tower ATDL 1 Army Tactical Data Link 1 ATF Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms ATHS Automatic Target Hand-off System ATIS Automated Terminal Information System (usually voice loop) ATM (1)Asynchronous Transfer Mode, 53-byte packets ATM (2)Automated Teller Machine ATM (3)Advanced trauma management ATOI Aerial Track Of Interest ATP (1)Ammunition transfer point ATP (2)Appletalk Transaction Protocol, Mac networking ATR Air Transport Rack (standard airplane radio bay) ATV (1)Amateur television ATV (2)All-Terrain Vehicle ATV Amateur (fast-scan) Television AUI Attachment Unit Interface, Ethernet AUSREP Australian Ship Reporting System AUTO Weather observation is from automated station [~] AUTODIN Automatic Digital Network (US military) AUTOVON Automatic voice network (now DSN as of 1990) AUV Autonomous Underwater Vehicle AUW All Up Weight (gross) AVC Automatic volume control AVHRR Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer AVIM Aviation intermediate maintenance AVL Automatic Vehicle Locating AVTR Airborne Video Tape Recorder AVUM Aviation unit maintenance AWACS Airborne Warning And Control System AWGN Arbitrary White Gaussian Noise awk Aho, Weinstein & Kernighan, wrote a Unix script language AWN Aviation Weather Network, now on US Air Force Digital Weather Switch AWOL Absent without leave AWOS Automated Weather Observing System AWS Air Weather Service AX.25 Amateur variant of CCITT X.25 packet radio protocol B began B Tube plate voltage (highest in set) B-ISDN Broadband ISDN B/m Benchmark B/U Backup B8E Mode: Independent sideband, different voice programs B9W Mode: Independent sideband, mixed voice & data modes BA Braking action Bae British Aerospace BANANA Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anyone (municipal response to most radio proposals) BAQ Basic allowance for quarters BAS Basic allowance for subsistence BASIC Beginners' All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code, computer language BAT (1)Blood Alcohol Testing (the "Batmobile," in the field) BAT (2)File extension: execute as command list (Batch job) Baud Computer transmission unit, used to equal one bit per second, commonly exceeds this in complex modulation schemes, i.e.

S.) CBT (1)Computer-based training CBT (2)Combat CBTS Computer-based training system CBW (1)Chemical & Biological (warfare) CBW (2)Constant bandwidth CC (1)Transmission is in Standard Chinese ("Mandarin") CC (2)Command & Control CC (3)Command Center CC (4)Control Center CC (5)Commander CC (6)Computer controller CC (7)Copies CC (8)C Compiler (unix) CC cloud-cloud lightning CC&D Camouflage, concealment and deception CC&R Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions; what you check before buying a home if you intend to build an antenna there CCAS Cape Canaveral Air Station, FL, formerly CCAFS CCC (1)Central computer complex CCC (2)Communications control complex CCC (3)Consolidated Command Center (NORAD) CCD Charge Coupled Device CCDM Consultative Committee for the Definition of the Meter CCDS Consultative Committee for the Definition of the Second CCE (1)Command & control element CCE (2)Consultative Committee on Electricity CCEMRI Consultative Committee for Ionizing Radiations CCG Calibration Coordination Group CCIR International Radio Consultative Committee, now ITU-R CCIRID Charge-coupled infrared imaging device CCITT Comite Consultatif International de Telegraphique et Telephonique (International Telegraph & Telephone Consultative Committee), obsolescent CCL Common Command Language CCM Counter-countermeasures CCMC Canadian Centre for Maritime Communications CCP Console Command Processor, part of CP/M CCPC Civil Communications Planning Committee (NATO) CCSL cirrocumulus standing lenticular cloud CCTV Closed Circuit Television CCV Code change verifier CCW (1)Counter-clockwise CCW (2)Command & Control Warfare CCW (3)Continuous Carrier Wave CCW (4)Coherent CW CCW (5)Class C CW biasing (most efficient) CD (1) Compact Disc CD (2) Civil Defense (in U.